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The story of the fruit of a tree named Yashiho, which is produced in the back of the mountain of Hakusan, is recorded in the record of that region entitled "Sanshu-Kidan", and it is also in print nowadays. .


The non-speaking evidence for the intention of lying lies only in the fact that the fruit of the eggplant is white and that the skin has been broken and sucked out.


It may be the faith that despised it to the deity of Reiyama, but at least the speaker, along with all of the contemporaries, had the freedom of fantasy about the origin of this fruit.


Of course there will be differences in degree, but I still feel that there aren't a few people who still have this freedom.


For example, if there is a certain agreement in language, or that the customs are somewhat similar, it may be rather strange to think of it in the next residence, which is quite old, and considering the traffic of each other.


It seems that one day my hometown or my cousin, who is the first Japanese resident of the country, can rely on something that is found in this one day, but I still think that I still have one reason I can not go so. In some cases, the former cousins may have been debilitated and scattered, absorbed by the stronger tribes around them, and losing their language and lineage awareness.


This example is not uncommon in large and small races, where the sea is a life scene.


If, in this group of natural conditions, there were no external disturbances and there were thousands of years of survival, one day it would fall into a state of astonishing 100 million | It may be hard to escape, and if it does not, you have to know and think a little now.


From somewhere in the corner of the continent, a group of people like this Japanese gentleman, based in the Japanese language close to "Manyoshu", dreaming as if waiting for a long time to reunion, see from me etc. For example, it is like the fruit of a large dumpling in Mt. Hakusan.




There is no doubt that it is an adultery story to try to look at one person and one fruit of the palm, but considering the beginning of the island's life, there was no other opportunity besides landing.


Despite having never seen a map and not receiving any geographical education at all, whales, migratory birds and fish populations have certainly emigrated from the results alone.


Similarly, people also fly with their wings, scrape water with their heels or legs, go in the direction they want to go, and if they think that they can not go, they try to turn around or turn around anyway.


It may be said that this is a plan, a hope, and not just a convulsive movement, but if you are at this level, take the wing of the flower powder butterfly wing even if it does not fall into the tide. Going to the sky will not have to be calculated again.


However, although it has not been recognized yet among pollen and eggplant seeds, it seems that there were individual moses in a group of slightly larger organisms.


Their senses were sharp, judgment was quick, and they had the courage to carry it out, so if they were working together, one hundred risks could have been reduced to twenty-three, As long as ignorance still lies on the way, I could not say that it was perfect.


Even in the ethnic transition that has been carried out several times on the hard soil of the continent since ancient times, in many military actions in the near future, only the voices of the cheering resounds high, and the so-called dead end of the bones is not said It is


Above all, the dangers of the sea were even more severe, and having not forgiven one of the missing persons was not even enough to experience it again, but even within that, the Japanese islands are still As before, with a few people at first, monopolize this quiet green island, and of course after many hardships, it finally ends up with a drop of water in the mountains, or a piece of algae at the bottom of the sea. The fact that all the leaves could be used for the offspring was truly an example of humanity's success.


It would have been rather unnatural if we did not understand the hidden intentions of the gods, the gods' gods, in light of this in later generations.


Even though the stories did not remain true, they understood so much of gratitude, and were able to believe this as well.