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The gods of Israel, etc., were in the beginning, and they selected and united the people of this earth, but because the nation had already scattered the wildermen, it was necessary to change the interpretation of momentum.


Even though our land is a little rough, fortunately there are still people living with blood.


In other words, I think it is time to think about the establishment of the country again.


one two


In conflict with the West Pure Land in late Buddhism, since it roams on the other side of the continent, it is popular for the folk religion to look around the east.


The so-called Zen Legend is, yes, we guess it is as if it were led from the beauty of the sight of leaving the sea of the sun.


It is known in the world that Xu's Xu Fu brought along three hundred children and men and came to the eastern island in search of a saphenous drug, and in Japan, the Shingu of Kumano was the residence, or the person of Hachijojima There have been a number of miscellaneous theories as to whether they were not the beginning, but they are all unreliable because they have been read after reading those records.


In any case, in the home country, it is forever missing, and by this expedition his transportation is not open.


The song of the Japanese sword by Ouyo Osamu is widely transmitted to Japan,


Xu Fuk | when you go | writing still

逸史百篇今なほ存す 云々

It's a hundred years old now


We still remember such phrases, but when we compare it with this history, it was a long time ago that was clearer than the poet's fantasies, even more so than Wangin's "Seven Letters" etc. You can see that soon.


When Taihei Tenko was bored with the joy of the world, and soon lost love with the art of immortality, he finally became deceived by the word of the Taoist and came to work on a quest for nothing, so to speak, so to speak, of the Chinese ancient novel There is no doubt today that it is a type, and what happens to be particularly beautiful and strangely thrown into the human heart, has long been written and remains in the world today.


However, in such a variety of ideas, in the words of the present, naturalism, that is, people of the age enjoyably listen to it, and it is imprinted in the mind that it is not said that there was or was not there at all. If you try to pick up objects, or conversely from that, I think that something that should be called social power of the ancient world, which ruled the movement of humanity's reality, would only be captured little by little is there.


For example, in the east, in the rising sun direction of the Asahi sun, if you think that there is an invisible Zen or Senkyo called Everlasting, including this Yamato Shimane, far from the archipelago of Southwest, at least a part of Taiwan's tribe By now, it is still distributed today.


There is a large number of people who get on the boat and play in the eastern sea, or step on the Tokai, or who is unconscious about it, there are always a lot of people who speak this, of the continent with the sea only in the east, I do not think that I can say it as an experience.


It is thought that the transmission and growth of the so-called Xu Fu Legend had at least an invisible power at the bottom, contributing to the development of the Japanese Islands in the dark.


Then there seems to be no one more careful, but I think that it made sense that Seo-fu took over with hundreds of unmarried men and women.


If it was a voyage that would take back the narcissus and return immediately, there would be no need to ship with such a hand-to-hand wandering at the same time, and at the same time it would have been suspected that there was another meaning.


The fact that it was carried out with such a large group was that this kind of immigration business to go and root the land like a later development team, or at least that kind of enthusiasm, we know the pro It would have been understood in the world with what they did.


Once in three thousand years | There is also a story of a peach that bears fruit.


Shakuyaku is by no means ripped by a rake and carried like a dream mountain diamond, but it is also planned to be raised, harvested, prepared, processed, and offered later. I think people of old times have been waiting for it endlessly because they are so long.




In times when even a little knowledge of geography was not sure, people's movements were either large or small, and it was always accompanied by dangling molecules, although the way of land was not so different, but even in the oceans There were various risks that could be expected.