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It is impossible to say that a person planned to travel without a goal, unless it was the next island that could be immediately desired, standing on the shore or just coming out of the sea.


There are scholars who are trying to explain the origin of the Japanese, but today it is suspicious to me that I can not think about this point even if it is still forgiveness today.


In the past, it was easy to accept that people were naturally generated or produced on each island, so there is no problem.


Next, with the revelation of God, believing that it is far more powerful than our experience, and based on this we interpret a society without a record before, and the founders step over the sky and jump over the ocean waves, or Takayama Even if it comes down to the fort, there is no point in doubt even if it is forgiven because there is a good reason as the time.


However, on the other hand, while denying that there is such a thing according to the so-called common sense of the present, why do we try not to explain why people began to live so as to get to the point? It seems that I was lazy and I feel sorry.


Because of the meaning of the crime, I will present one presumption theory today.


We just wait for the appearance of the next, more certain theory.


Also among the drifting and landing, there are results and vacancies, and of course the second one must have been as sad as there were in ancient times.


It would be that those who were unable to inform their hometown died soon after they were alive.


It is because it is usual not to go with the wife and the daughter in the adventure of the sea.


In that case, you will eventually return home, prepare various arrangements, make plans for residence, and go back again, so it is a voyage with a certain degree of geographical knowledge and an obvious goal. Despite not being drifting, it would not have been possible without danger or tribulation, but in any case the distance was not so far, and significant improvements can be expected compared to the living conditions up to now. In some cases, it is rare to think that even the old people would carry out such migration.


The boy's boy and woman of Xu Fu are not considered to be a tale of miracle forever, but the base of such fantasies is not necessarily the god of the gods of Zhao, but also the sea separately Because there was a settling down of the old-fashioned legend of the poor people, it can be speculated that it might in particular enhance the general impression and facilitate the memory.




So the first thing we need to think about is some of the stages of the function of Zen, but that is because Matsumoto | Nobuhiro and others have been carrying out the most cautious comparative research, You may rest and wait for the result.


However, if you try to apologize for a very small number of those who can not wait for it, even if the fort was invented on the small inland inland, it is the continent It is easy and natural to be transferred to the coastal areas of


If you want to go beyond the horizon where there is no single point, just follow the same long-term experience, preparation, and mistakes just like the recent generation of aviation. It is natural that it did not happen.


It is not suspected that Sail's idea had already begun, but it was in the modern age that its structure and method of operation were complete.


Even in countries such as Japan, surrounded by the sea of the sea, its use is extremely simple until the boundary of the memory of the old woman, and as far as writing of the previous literatures has been transmitted, the boat is simply crawling over, The sails were used to call between the two sea corners, but they were called McGill, but it was up to the wind of the day.


The gradual expansion of the knowledge of the ocean is probably the main opportunity for the ongoing fishing rod.


As described in Urashimako's song in Manyoshu, it is normal to go past the border, and there are many small boats that don't prepare sails, so there are those who are boldly going far However, as long as I have always looked at the ate, that is to say, the target in the region, I was trying not to reach the waters of Yamanashi as long as I had a very solid boatman.