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Moreover, as each person's efforts bravely added, people often became aware of the existence of the land next to them, and in rare cases those who endured the vacancy of a short time and minded the invisible islands, had a surprising fortune. It is also conceivable that things like finding and returning and talking about their experiences have gradually accumulated over the years.


It was a discovery in the sense of the grandfather, a sprout of geography.


What we do not easily recognize today as not ours is that the center of study did not necessarily exist only among the members of Jinghua Fumyasa.


An extreme example is that people in the Akai region probably came later than the Japanese, and they continued their life without character in a terrible corner, but they have something richer in sea knowledge than anyone else. And, just because there are no letters, I have not yet communicated to the public.


When Itoman begins to appear in the wild boars of Kyushu, he also listens to the story that various kinds of fish that could not be described until now appear on the market and surprise the fish scholars inside and outside.


Itoman is not a part of the sea, nor is it a group of ordinary Okinawans of the world, but if you already share the club and make a difference in the method of tradition, there is no one who tries to get closer and learn the way of the sea.


The knowledge of toki and eka picking, which was once recognized as the center of Okinawan culture as well as the seabed biology of only Itoman, is based on the year-old nature observation and its careful combination that people do not know. Farming | It seems that they had established strong guiding principles consistently with the festival and life and death rituals, not to mention the production aspect of the fishery, and that they were not a kind of simple arts, from the ruins that remained a little Although it is scolded, it is scarcely apt to write humble characters and can no longer be used by those who stand outside.


The day will come when the scrutiny of the scrutiny of scholars will soon explain each area, such as the bizarre branches of the tidal currents around the sea, and the seasonal movement of the always-blowing wind. Now that there is no facility for many minutes, for example, a bold one theory of riding Nankai in Kuroshio, for example, is a time when you are struggling without being laughed at by anyone, so for the time being still the experience of the traditional cut There is no way but to connect the traces.




Of course, I do not try to see it as the landing point of the primordial Japanese with one of the lands of the coconut palm.


However, at least in the extension of several thousand miles of coastline in Japan, especially the area where the flow of goods in particular is limited, so that it has been unknown for a long time, it is informative and at the same time a simple school map Therefore, it is possible to laugh at a person who makes a quick stop like passing a flying stone, as if it is from here, since it is near here.


The word “Xane Kushiro” is often used only in songs and stories, but the only people who considered what kind of power it was were the nameless sea warriors.


Only the usual direction of the large ocean current got us to learn as the study of the document, but it sometimes led to a situation that significantly changes the flow path or influences where it is refracted and branched. Now, it has not always become common sense yet.


In recent years, the research on the seabed has steadily progressed, and as many new laws have been kept in mind, it is still endless that even if there are sea statesmen, the various negotiatings between the air and land will not be missed. Remaining.


In particular, the various changes that appear in small parcels, such as the surrounding areas of Japan, the wind by the season, the tides with the time limit, roughly to the extent that they help or impede the course of the ship. In the long run, only those who were desperate for life and death were merely experiencing life and experiencing it.


Of course, since this was a fortune of our own luck, I will do my best to teach and remember, and my enthusiasm may have transcended the world's usual academic exchange, but the people of the hail and the land Generally I did not pay attention to this.


The maritime knowledge of the end of the country is often in the form of easy-to-remember Kotowaza, and it is still scattered on the land, but there are few people who will try to gather it, The world is in the age of power utilization, and many Kuwana Tokuzo are old and no one to go after them, and each day's mountain has mostly turned into an amusement park.