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Or, there is an example of saying "Kamzu", and there is an example to write "Goshin" in the letter, and it reminds me of the old company of the same name in the distant Izumo country. It is hoped that the ship started blowing and the fine skies continued, and the ship that had been traveling to China would return, or there was a story that a shipwrecker had prayed to this Ontake much and returned to the island without hesitation.


The festival's servants were all women, all of whom were supposed to leave their homes.


I am crawling on my head with a kind of thorny plant called Kamshubagi, and I go into the Kamsh shop in Otake, and the beloved woman talks with God.


During the four days, boys were warned to look at this.


Or I can not imagine whether the faith of Mazu comes later and influences it, but the wind in a fixed direction blows off once a year on the day of the festival. It is an island-wide experience, and it can not be said that it is a newly adopted practice that it is used for sea travel.


Although it has not yet been recognized as a common study in the country, for the islanders who used the ship as a place of life, the oceanic way limited to this phase is just the same as the Okuyama deer road. In addition, it was the accurate knowledge of the landlords.




Blessed with good happiness, say one in a thousand, it drifted to an uninhabited island, and it was discovered that the rare treasures of the world without being measured to seek food there were scattered like pebbles. As a source of a big nation, it may seem like a dream or legend too much, but until the day when it is honest, I have not yet listened to a comment that is more likely than it should be. .


If you live on the shores of the sea, on rare occasions when it is fine on a sunny day, no matter what you want to see in the middle of a white cloud, you have a hope to cross over the waves, and across the horizon, Do you feel like going over there?


Even if you have touched the shore once for a reason that you can not measure it, bring your family again, the kind of thing | Did you get a headline?


It is still easier to think better than that by telling fortunetelling and telling dreams, and guiding birds and beasts as having looked at the future peaceful place.


I think that there are many people living in their hometown, or there is a strong pressure on one side, and there are many cases where people can not get rested, so movement is considered to have become a humanity Although the people in charge may have accepted the motives somewhat casually, even in lands that are easy to imagine each other, the former will protect their own territory, so go out for casualty It was not.


Above all, it was impossible to commit ignorant information on the sea and fight against danger.


Takachiho * If you try to rationalize the law of human transition by denying the old traditions of tentacles, you must imitate such medieval ideas.


By the way, the beginning of Japan's country has become quite new.


The year of establishment of the island nation means that we have continued for a long time, so to speak, it is not necessarily something that we should prove proud of, but as if it were presumed by me etc. The era of gradually affecting the culture of Nakahara, and the emphasis on aspirations of the bream has almost reached the top, seems to be the time when a small group of Japanese founders of Japan marked their feet on just one of the Far East Islands. And, about 2000 years after that, that is, a large space until it is linked to the safe chronology, will come into the territory of the nine academic societies exactly in the first place, and will only expect the results of research outside I will.


Everyone's responsibility is nothing but heavy, but I think this imagination is quite refreshing.




I'm getting older, I'm already weak, and I can't afford to share a lot of work, but only the problem of rice farming is to think forgiveness from now on, and if necessary from the sidelines I'm trying to sandwich it.


What seems to be the current prevailing theory seems to be that, at the border between the Jomon period and the Yayoi ceremonial period, this species came into the country, and then progressed to the current US-producing country. But first of all, it is hard to accept myself.