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Obotz may have been the name of the former Niriya of Obi, that is, the most pure inland of this sanctuary.


If so, that it was convenient to guide the transition of a new divine view can be deduced from the fact that the two languages of Japan called “Ama” in the sea and “Ame” in the sky are interconnected. .


Anyway, Amami was the name of one sea country since the distant past of Amamiya.


There is no doubt that Honshu refers to the name of the southern island, and in Okinawa this also refers to the name of the next island, and it is also natural to say that those who live there and those who come from there will be Amamikyo.


Just trying to interpret it as the Heavenly Son, the original meaning of Amamiya has become unknown.


The room to work for new learning seems to remain in such a section.

一八 天孫氏説起源

18 Tengenson's theory origin


Or there may be people who are already aware of it.


In the history of Okinawa, it was the first time that the early kings were called as Tenson, and it was the beginning of the written work of Nakayama Sekan or the same author, which was 40 years more than Shimazu's entering Okinawa. It was after.


During this time, some changes in the public faith took place, and on the other hand the knowledge of the previous generations advanced, and I think that the political need in the immediate future was also felt to some extent, but in any case The estimate of the number of the year 18,000 was an outrageous transcendence of the ancestral writings of a mere epoch.


However, not only did the historical books under "Score" not be inherited without inheriting it, but once the message was transmitted outside, Japanese scholars first resonated with it, and then the Qing Dynasty sealed the book, As we agreed and accepted and communicated this, the wing wing has already become, and finally it has become a definite theory that should not be moved.


Just as the famous Xu Liang's "Nakayama Denshin Shinko" was made public, there is a morning meeting in Ryukyu in 1793, which is a big problem, The document is transmitted now.


If it is the rule of this legend, the question is why the royal family of the royal family is to have the deity of the Heavenly King as a middle-class, and not to scrutinize the Heavenly Grandson of the 25th century before that. It seems that he has troubled the road not a little, but after all the inquiries from the Edo shogunate of the previous year, because the Great Heavenly Son, Gen Tonoko, answered that he was the first king, he said he would not go for a change. With a rumor, the decision was sent to the next generation, while the title of Heavenly Grandson continued to be actively used.


It can be said that now it was rather fortunate historical material to trace the transition of faith.


The fact that Amamikyu cinerich is the name of a couple of men and women, and it is the first time that this country still dwells, it descends from heaven and gives birth to a son, the Shintoki in the bag has already explained this, and that is It is about fifty years ahead of the world book.


It is true that the famous "old days" beginning of "Omoro" is at least earlier than that, but instead the meaning can not be sufficiently understood.


With just a few prose articles that came a little later, it was only speculating that maybe they would try to say the same thing, that is to say that the interpretation later became so clear.


It must be acknowledged that "Omoro" is not a so-called epic poem.


No matter what the listener or the person who sings up, if you try to capture something that is naturally perceived from the bottom of the words that tried to express deep emotions and intimacy, about something you are familiar with, nothing special Even if you don't have the aim, if the world is changed, the interpretation may be more than a piece, sometimes it may be far from the truth.


For those who work on classical commentary, this is a pitfall, but only we must be cautious and take measures to prevent it.


Formerly as a poetic language, it was one of the characteristics of Eastern literary arts to often use double phrases, among which "Omoro" is the most prominent.


I thought it was important to do something twice, and I felt I had to repeat it over and over again. For example, even if there is only one thing like a sun ring, it is a must to honor this I arranged two names.