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In the end, from the beginning, only the ones who were selected in particular went to Nirya, or was there a time when no one thought that he would go to death?


It remains undecided, but there are also some facts that can be helpful.


I just want to briefly describe it in this introduction.


It seems that you don't hear it yet in Okinawa, but on the islands of Amami, the Koso Festival or the Housu Festival was the ancestor festival.


Now he writes as a founder and a high priest, but it seems that it is not the first word born after people knew such kanji.


After becoming ruled by Mr. Shimazu, both Oshima and Okinawa generally adopted the custom of Bon Festival in July, but there is a kind of political motive, ie, the islanders who were too intense so far There is also a sign of bringing down the religion a little, and there is evidence that it has brought in a new one.


As a result, the ancestral festivals of the villages became complicated, and the rituals that had been to date seemed to have faded, but it was not possible to replace the whole old thing, and still after the tray in July, again in August There was a Koso festival, and this one was connected with many events, and the way of putting in power was exceptional with dance and other various events.


The conflict between the new and the old makes sense, and the word Koso is one of the keys, but those who thought about the wording of the Archer and the High Parent could not see this in doubt.


In the well-opened area of the northern Oshima, even the new spirit coming to the festival in the basin is now called Alahous.


However, it seems that the two were considered to be different in the same island but in the villages that went south, or in the island of Kekeiruma, etc. Only one of them was called Kosganashi.


According to a report by Mr. Kinhisa, Koganashi is able to cross the sea.


That's why I thought that I would be cold, and I would like to pick a wheat straw as a gate to welcome only Kosganasi and not to catch fire at the new soul festival.


Japan's Bon festival also has a large change from region to region, and it has not been possible to determine the order yet, but in contrast to the fact that many people still go to the beach to send their souls, most pick up from the grave There are very few things from the mountain to the river upstream, and the cases that come out to the beach are quite rare.


The practice of burning fires is a common practice, such as a torch, a torch and a torch, and this is a common practice, but after crossing the island, it is the goal of the new and old after this festival is With the differences, it is finally the point to be careful, that is, different trends have been added one after the other during the long years.


Indeed, as I have imagined, there has been, in my origin, your everlasting land of the sea, the coming root country of the souls of the dead.


I think that the word Kos or Koshohous is the most important in this sense, though it is still unknown.

二一 東方浄土観

21-IJI Eastern Pure Land View


Although the story only lengthens, and it is lonely that no definite conclusion comes out, let me add here one or two things that one's mind has with the intention to keep the new problem behind.


In Okinawa and the islands of Yamato, it was first from the life of the city that old faith loses its strength and comes into shape.


Those who live scattered across the edge of the country will not touch the new unity and will not forget it.


It is easy to break things that you carry with you in any way, but as you gather a lot of them, there is no other unanimous agreement.


This is the point where our national folklore is easy to be effective, and the comparison of two or more ethnic cultures that were conjointly was the reason why we have to seek help from the folklore of the private sector.


It seems that it is easy for us to forget, and not recognize, other people's races that the culture is growing and transitioning without rest, as the feeling of oneself.


Above all, it is possible that the island's alien powers are weak and it may even change to the root.


If we compare that with a cross-section at a point in time, it may seem that even a ridiculous inference is unreasonable.