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The early talk is an example of the afterlife views of the south islands, for example, because the leadership of the Buddhist law was extremely weak here, new ideas do not occur, old things are unlimited, and the word of the world is However, there is a way of thinking that it is in this world.


Rather than going to every island, every home and every person thinks about where to go to die.


There used to be the word Hansa, which seems to have conflicted with the present-day Sanka, but it is now a haunting trace.


In the two past stories of the island of Michido, the country of Daku or the country of Anda is the second generation, and maybe it was something that listened to the ease country of the Pure Land religion, but it is not very far from it, There is no such story as going beyond the sea, there is a deep hole in a large field, and there is even an example that says that a thick rope was found when repelling the stone cover.


What I think I should be careful about is that there is a world where demons are islands or demons are castles and it is not a hell but a scary place.


The point that is different from this old-fashioned tale is that the demon acts as an enthusiasm to get the soul of the person, but sometimes it is deceived and sometimes returns by karate, or is asked to moderate the survival period of the person Do.


It is a common story in Shidan's novels, or it is unthinkable that it is unreasonable to draw from the faith that Nilea had the power of giving control and life and control of Sedi in the old days Absent.


In short, the word Niraikanai has become obsolete, and it is rarely heard outside of the Shinhwa Festival, and the demand for words that display some vague concepts that remain in our mind arises, and that Because there was, it seems to have gradually differentiated.


If you associate with the believers of Buddhist law, you will have many choices, but on a small island there is a limit to such resources.


I think that Amamiya Amami Kiku is one such example, but this has already begun Oita.


It seems that Tinnumiya (the garden of the sky) in Okinoerabu Island and the cloud world on Kikaijima did not spread so much, but Agare Hirashima or Agarei Yashima etc. are common to these two islands, and they can flourish in search of a beauty there The story of having a marriage etc. makes the romance of the early modern period enjoyable.


Agare was the eastern part of the rising sun, and Hirajima was an island lying on the horizon, often hidden by traps and rough waves.


In the 13th roll of "Omoro Sosshi", there is a phrase that three islands of Agarui and Teda are three islands of holes.


Or there is a theory that there are three moths on the main island, but Chinen and Tamashiro should not be sun holes.


After all, I think that people shared a dream that there were three islands coming up from here on the ocean.


In the old days, there were many people who made a rumor as the red-haired men and women from the island of Ohoagari came to the beach of Yonabaru at times, and when Iwa was not a child, he often It seems that he was listening to the story.


The fact that Daito Island, which is now a reality, was discovered after 18 years when it was somewhat delayed from that time, there were neither a person nor a spring nor there, and it was far to say that the conditions of nature were easy soil However, there were three islands, and because they were in the direction of rising in the morning sun, no one hesitated to call it Daito Island.


Thus, the Hoha Garishima of the southern people's vision has disappeared from the world of faith just as long as these days.


However, before the current three islands were confirmed on the map, the momentum to see the matter as real was moving, and there were a few who believed that even the theory of Ryugu or Ryukyu.


Especially in the southern islands, the shadow of the island that seemed to have been flickering in the distance.


Rain | On a clear, clear day on the sea, you can see the shape of the island on the far side, and it is also reported in Amami Oshima's "Old Record", but there is an error in the narration , It seems to be confused with Yokotojima off the west.


However, in the three years of culture over a hundred years ago, a person of great interest | The person of the name Toji is indeed Daitojima today that he has seen and went with his fellows .