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In the middle, I think that some old-fashioned ideas are still born and disappearing, so I think that I will collect and see as many materials as possible for the people who want to go over from here. First of all, I tried to consider one focus on the faith of the gods of life.


The following history of change is mentioned immediately after the article of "old book" mentioned above, but it is thought that a considerable time has been in the middle of this.


...... 終 終 か つ か つ か つ か つ 凶 凶 へ へ へ 似 似 似 似 似 似 似 似 似 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 艘 艘 艘 | Serve a festival ritual.


生生 利 成見 え, 豊 ※ 愈 を 瑞 し 懈 し 祭 り し 祭 り し 祭 り。 Festival is a festival comedy without hesitation.


Now, the name of the person who says that he is a leader in the village is also a reason for praying in accordance with the conditions.


However 此 由来 此 (above)


There are some unclear points at this end, and the connection from the god of retention to the role of holding is unclear, but this can not always be explained to those who have experienced the recent transition of the island's faith. Not suspicious of


In other words, it has been found that the legend of the god of God was once the most believable by the majority, and later it was the work played by the most reverent of the villagers.


In the monthly magazine “Island,” twenty-two years ago, there was a festival night on a certain island on the island of Kera and a procession of women in white coats. It has been reported that the god of the red coat, who had come and gone, was later removed from what was later a villager's wife, and that the festival has ended that night.


In a village on the coast of Kunigami-gun, when a young man suddenly caught up and saw the white-painting god coming up from the fort, it was also a story that it was his mother and was extremely scolded , I have heard from people in the nearby village.


Those who attend women's festivals have long been told not to let the husband and son know the secret of the ceremony.


In addition to that, the woman who despised the god under strict scruples believed himself that he was his god during that period.


It seems to have been true that you are in the real thing and "Omoro".


I understand, for example, that the old-fashioned gods of life were the boy's part or that the secret was likely to be revealed.


If the imagination is correct, the history of the theater can go back to a long time ago.

一一 古見の島の盛衰

The rise and fall of the old island


Although we talked a little bit back and forth, the old world was once once the center of the South Island culture, and that it has gone through a fierce rise and fall like no other in the early modern period. You must preach and put it by all means.


Fortunately, the tangible and intangible historical materials have not always been completely buried.


However, our interest in the unification period was scarcely outrageous.


First of all, Iriomote is the name of the current island, but originally it means the ancient Iriomote of ancient times, that is, the arrival to the west of the island of Furano, the development there is also quite old, maybe the so-called Zen Era The ship's arrival and departure, I think I got the beginning of the discovery, but there is also a legend from about the same time in the house of the indigenous people on one side, and it has been written to the world later.


Mainly the merits of water and soil, especially the accommodation and communication of the neighboring island of Yonaguni, but there is no mention of traffic with the other side of the opposite coast, or there may have been a motive for hiding. Absent.


Anyway, after entering the new era of Meiji, it was inevitable that this was used for steamer's shipping, and furthermore, the coal layer which is rare for South Island, but only a few, was found in this valley However, since this is an important stopover, and subsequently there are labor supply problems, and the people of the island will not come to work at once, so we will bring in the students and bring in the vagrants and the poor. Then, it became a reputation for having been abusive abuse, and the misery of the so-called Iriomote coal mine was written in the newspaper, and it was up to the young I to know the existence of the island of this name, for the first time.


If a person knew, even at one end, the amazing rise and fall history of the town of Furan, it would not have been possible to certify such a wrong renaming.