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The name of the central peak that forms the island is still Komidake, then the name of the Okawa flowing out toward the south-south's inland is the Koumi River, and a slight alluvial area is spreading on both sides of the end of the stream. Was the mark of the old-fashioned masterpiece from ancient times.


The "Ryukyu Gosho" attached at the end of "Kanbun Inchishu" may be a record of the site which was carried out immediately after the Shimazu conquest, but the name of the village is described as the three distant villages.


There is no doubt that the ancient sanctuary of the land, the Sanriku Ontake, and the word of the land, according to the name of the god's nephew called the michalion, did not necessarily have three villages, but at least one village in the gobook It is the name of


The area called village in Japan of the village union has been called a deadline in the south from this time.


The current so-called Iriomote Island is divided into two partitions, and the west half is divided into two sections, that is, it is an old-fashioned border, and an island named Kohama belongs to this out of five villages.


Though there was a thousand and two hundred seventy-six stones of Takata against the five | Ishihachi | Doo, the interval of entering the table is ninety seven and seven hundred and seven thousand, and the fields of thousand are the ones in the old days. More than 807 stone, this moth is so-called regular, and I think that the slash-and-burn field and switching field are out of this, but even so, the nominal production amount of rice is as much as it is It can be guessed that the land was


However, despite the fact that the topography is still almost the same, the population has been drastically reduced in the next three hundred years, and it is still seven hundred sixty-six It is said that although there are seven people, there is a report of ten homes recently, or new immigrants are invited, and it is said that they have become close to two hundred again, but of course they are not people who maintain the old tradition The


It has long been recognized that the main cause is the malarial epidemic.


Moreover, it is sad that there may have been an invisible and sharp line between the lack of nutrition and the reduction of energy, and the addition of hope and faith, against the weakness of the manner that caused this.


Even in the new administration since the Meiji Era, we noticed in Maraliya and took various measures, but before the effect of the effect, the age of the horrific war came and people hid in the forest, It seems that I had fallen by this disease for a while.


It is said that in the US military, a large amount of DDT was briskly scattered from the top of the plane, but it could even reach the bottom of the deep tree of the sea of Mt.


We have a heavy heart watching over the results of this new exam.

一二 宮古島との関係

Ichiko Relationship with Miyakojima


A book called “The South Island Expedition” by Ginomori Gyusuke was, according to 1868 (1883), a journey that this person traveled through the islands of Okinawa Prefecture and soon returned Although there is a reason, after a dozen years, for some reason, a large amount has been sold to a second-hand shop in Tokyo.


I bought it and read it carefully, and I was aware that it was the first time that the problem of the southern end was strange and meaningful.


As many as dozens of people came to the person who read it, but their impressions have yet to be discussed sufficiently.


In my memory, especially in my memory, I saw a diary that I saw through the hilly villages of the northern coast of the island, which are about to disappear due to this disease, without listening to stopping people. It has been burned.


In one of the villages, everything was empty and had not collapsed yet.


Also, in another village, there is an old man alone, who has reportedly nothing to do with it.


The same situation appeared and advanced in the northern part of Ishigaki main island, and today it has already returned to Yamano.


At this time, there was no one who tried to ask for the cause, but the old niece of the old days had already reached the extreme of decline, but for this traveler who is not familiar with history, why once here flourishes no Come celebrate the new migrants, whether we subtracted one by one without endlessly after, because he was not ready to think Te.


One speculation is the race of the clans, and the slight differences in faith that accompany them.


It was an event of 9 years (150 thousand years) that occurred on the island of Ishigaki of the rebellion of the red bee main tile (Akabza hon gawara) made up to a play in the near future.