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What I have only recently listened to is that when a ship enters the port and anchors, if it does not have very strict protection, it may swim in the shore of the land, grow in the ship and cause troubles. is there.


Or there is also a story that a boat in the distant place has got into by taking a ride on the ship.


It is said that in Okinawa there is a special odor, called 麝, and there are many cries different from this one, but in Kagoshima alone it is transported by ship at the time of its breeding. It was imagined to be a thing, and a little was inhabited in the town of Nagasaki where there was traffic there also.


So, except for these two lands, it seems that there is something that only this kind of whale is not suitable for land movement, which has not been paid much attention.


Anyway, if the water surface between the ship and the land is small, it does not depend on the presence or absence of the webbing, and indeed the whale is swimming across.


Or, as the story of the people who came back from Siberia, there was a job to capture a large amount of salmon on the water on the water in a certain large river line in the northern area.


Each one of them has its tails set, spreads its hair with power, and tries to cross the water in groups.


When I scoop the surface of the water strongly, I am surprised and shrugged so I immediately sink into the water.


I think that scooping it up easily from one end is an example of unusual experience knowledge, but it can not be found out what kind of habit.


We may not yet have the opportunity to see the sea or similar ecology.


I have to be very careful.


However, if you go from an island or an island to an island, it is possible to go ahead and go ahead and dive into it, but it is also possible to see if it is a solitary island of an island, of course. May live across.


What surprised me was that the jurisdiction of Okinawa is, from the main island to the west, one hundred miles from the main island, from the Yaeyama island group to the north west to sixty miles, to the Fujian coast two hundred miles, the nearest Kume Samurai also lived on Akashima, a deserted island on the ocean called Sanjuri, or a small island called Kuma or Kuba.


In the “South Island Expedition” of 1823, there is a meeting in Naha with a young man named Hanamoto, who came back from here.


I was deceived by people and went to pick up the feathers of the seabirds, but I tried to grow a rattan for food, but it was a story that I was completely exhausted and despaired at once.


The island is in line with the Senkaku and the Diaoyudai, but only the distant view is seen in the logbook, but it is difficult to move the ship surrounded by the cliffs, and there is no such thing. It is hard to imagine.


Or it is rare to ride on driftwood etc., and it is not said that there is no such thing as a wolf with a child on the belly, which has been drifted on, but don't think about pushing anything to such an extent However, the heavens and earth are wide and there are still many things that humans do not know.


You may be discovering that there was a chance to be closer to nature, and likely to happen, anyway.


Or there might be someone in the corner of the world who knows exactly like that of the Hokuman river.



At any rate, it seems that only a single stroke did not go on an adventure to go across the sea.


In the western part of the Seto Inland Sea I mentioned earlier, Iyo's Kuroshima's story was recorded in the twenty-old volumes of "Old and New Book Review", and I think it was an old story but not a story .


The people of the land are well aware of what kind of place it is.


Yano ※ | In a manor called Ho, it is just a distance from the village.


When Anhui (1227), Katsura is a net carpenter of the Zama, and when it comes to crawling the net, the water on the shore of Kuroshima's shores glows, thinking that it's a fish. It was all jealousy.


The boat was pulled up to the beach and screamed all the way, and since then the island has been filled with the boat.


In other words, the group of whales who were trying to cross the sea with their lives was treated as being caring, though it was good to be wrong.


For Kyoto readers, it was probably one of the rare questions, but it is not only that the story was transmitted to the center, but there was no other similar phenomenon.