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It seems that there was no accurate record, but it may be possible to ask for one of the causes for such natural facts, even if there are more or less ridges depending on the year on the island of Okushiri in Hokkaido.


The reason is that there is one more thing, a somewhat similar story.


The story of the Nishiki sea in Shimane Prefecture and the whales of Iwami Takashima is published in the "Tamakatsuma" vol.7 of Professor Motoi.


此 此 害 害 人 、 、 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠 鼠.


The publication of this book was about the same time that Kansei 11 (179) was just a plagiarism on the northern island.


Of course it is listed on a 1/20000 map, but the island's articles can not be found in any other book.


Or isn't it already an uninhabited island?


I would like to ask even members of the prefecture.


The article "Tamakatsuma" seems to record the writings or discourses of people of Iwami, but the size of the island is Shugori, all the shores are cliffs, and there is a distance from Hamada to Gori.


There are 7 homes and 7 homes now, and several couples live in a single family.


There is no rice, and no horses and horses.


The tribute is a small village, that is, a small village of fishermen.


It looks like nothing until the surrounding five villages, but somehow the cultivated land is small and I think that the others were not wild bamboo fields.


However, another incident occurred on the sea in the same direction when it was thought that it was between Bunsei and Tenpo just thirty years after this report.


I knew it by the Sanuki national scholar, the bookmaker of Ogushi Kumatai, but this person is said to have transmitted that sentiment in the city of Osaka at the time, or The book may be recorded in a book such as


It is said that the place is on the sea surface not so far from this Takashima, but when a certain night fishermen jump out of the reeds, there is a lot of light off the coast, so know the Hamachi, the horde of reeds, and put a net At the point of attraction, it was a wolf.


I quickly dispersed and entered the mountain.


Although the number is only 70,000, it goes without saying that it is not an accurate calculation.


It is about the size of the boat, and there is a scratch on the toes, probably because the beachman also killed him, but a beast like a whale appears later, It is not believed that it was a real observation from the beginning, and in twenty years, the famous disaster of Iwami occurred in less than twenty years.


At this time, only records in the area under the direct control of the Shogunate are widely reported among the good houses in the city of Edo by the report of the Daikankan and listed in several essays.


When it was the anarchy's leap year (1855), signs of breeding already started in the previous year, and cultivation damage continued until the next year.


As long as there was an attempt to eradicate it, it was the purchase of acupuncture that was effective among them, so the approximate figures became clear.


It seems that twenty-five thousand is not an exaggeration, that is, it was a relic of about seventy thousand seaweeds that were on the previous year's net.


The so-called Takesumi ripening season was as certain as the previous scholars believed and told.


Besides, there was a regional gap, and to what extent did you lead the movement of the whale.


Several such problems are handed over to us.



Articles that could not be stopped only by the human power of the insults are already visible in the old Nara Dynasty register.


The smaller the island is, the worse it is that the troubles have been stricken, especially in the case of Kuroshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, near Showa 12 or 3 years, we have recorded enough to have done our experiments. It's supposed to be, but when the harm goes down a little, there's a slope that relieves you, and it's not clear that until the end, it's clear.


It is a story that in Kuroshima the foothills of the mountain are full, the blue ones are gone, and even the whale's chopsticks are not left as human food. It was such an imminent situation.