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Even if it is boldly to immediately infer the sameness of the roots according to this, it is still at least roughly the same as the tendency of change and the order, while only under the influence of the foreign influence which is at least as complicated. It is reliable to try to find out by comparison that the regions have changed significantly.


It may be a dream, but in the future ethnology will generally reach this universal folklore method, and it will eventually reach when the truth buried in every corner will be unquestioned a little In fact, we are expecting.


But for now the problem was a bribe.


We have to limit our thinking to what rights the wolf has and to have an important role to come out during the southern August ancestral season.


In short, the scope of comparison has been lost a little bit narrowly, if you say in short.


In the inland area of Japan, what is close to the feeling of the senses is the kind of moths that cross over the ear of rice, calling the various moths that fly briskly, or the hokenoe horse, etc. ahead of the soul festival in the old July Bons Any evil Taro is forced to hold back capture, saying that an ancestor may come on board, or may be a temporary figure of a dead soul.


Then, one more example is that when the actual harvest festival is done, if you cultivate a rice with a new rice and offer it to a farmer, you should carry the rice with your spine and go into the mountain with the servant of God. There is no one who saw the eye yet, but after that, the farmer does not fly so much, the laughter that the powder falls, and the laughter story that it is going back is transmitted to the countryside of East Japan. ing.


Like the kingdom of idols, though unspeakable, our gods were blinded by the blindness of the form.


Those who seldom see as illusion gradually create new forms of faith, but in the usual case the seasonal nature of the year, in particular the nature's actions of such creatures, in particular the God's I was guessing at a qualification.


The wind that you will not always see, or if you look carefully if you look at this, with certain groups of animals and the coming of you, the wind that you truly think of as a prepayment of the passage of God is certainly until the near future It was in


I do not know yet what the word corresponds to this in the southern islands, but here small animals that show their appearance are called Misaki nationwide.


The main thing of that Misaki was a wolf, but in the New Year it is called so too.


The source, where the wolf is generally worshiped as a farming god, is finally being taken to an unknown position, but fortunately it could prevent eradication by our fellows' visits.


In other words, it became misunderstanding that it was obedient, guiding, or just the goal of the devil, as if it was someone alone or even an independent god.


The similar thing was to the monkeys of Sanno, Fuji and other spirit mountains, but the faith that used the monkeys was enlightened, but it was because they were drawn into Buddhist law, but it was not It was not possible to support the power as large as Inari, probably because there was something different in the situation.


There is one other way of thinking about monkeys, but the transition is different, but there is something worth comparing with that transition, and one of the newly approved Okojos and Irinas on the other side. There is a kind.


Although these are significantly affected by flooding, they are in fact a kind of misaki, a kind of god of farming who flew from the mountains, and they are in common with the basins and buds, especially with the house. It is hard for us to have a strong connection between the house that holds it and the house that does not have it, and even cause unpleasant social problems, but our farmer who picks you up from the mountain with this chopsticks But it is almost clear that they were different gods in every house.


To compare the above with the islands of the south, the festival was clearly the home of the house, that is to say the honor of the ancestors, but there are not many beasts as noticed in Japan.


Small fish and feather insects will fly in a group, but I will not hear any talk about paying special attention to their behavior.