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First of all, there is no tall forest or deep forest land other than the main island of Amami Oshima, and it seems that I believed that the soul will return year after year across the sea, also from the so-called Koganashiwa fire-fighting event The analogy can be deduced from the Oyama Festival next to the north.


It seems that there is a difference between the mountains and the sea, but if you move to a large island and live in an invisible mountain, this change will naturally appear to occur, and both Momotaro's peach and Yuzuhime's rose will flow from upstream Going down, it is also told that the base of the dragon palace weaves the machine at the base of the waterfall base.


Since it is similar to connect the sky and the sun's sky line to the sky and the sun and moon, it seems that it was possible for the old man to think of the same line in the same line.


If it was just before and after this harvest festival, it would be natural for me to feel as a companion of a guest who could not see the matter, but it would be natural for me to appear close to the village and to act in groups. The fact that they cross the water and come to the island from nowhere was also a long time experience of the islanders.


It seems that it is impossible to think out the cause of the amazing convictions that make samurai a successor to the great deity of the day and make them their hometown with Nilyanakanaya.


one two


To add yet another small cause, the practice from the day when Dongga was the day of Koko was more powerful in making this day look like the day of the Samurai for Zen. I will.


The custom of calculating the sun by the branch is an early start even in the Southern Islands, and it is not always clear that it has been imported by medieval traffic.


Thus, the wind that places importance on the first day of the sixty day cycle, which is particularly important in Japan, has spread to the southern islands.


There are many examples, but the festival in Iriomote of the Yaeyama Islands is also a festival held at the border of the rice production season, and it is three days after the calendar 7 days from the lunar calendar and the third day from August. The day of Koko on the second day was the most important.


Thus, the article does not appear to have negotiated with the wolf, but just before or after it is referred to as the ancestor of the year, or this day is handed down only the name shingogugu, or small new year.


The old people would know that the day of the child is the day of the wolf, but it is new to understand that as the day when it was established, it is new, and it is limited I think that is not a thing.


In the Amami archipelago of the north, there was a village that selected Koko's day, which will come in March, April, and carry out a clearing event, but this is also a single representative. It is said that it is more harmful to those who have seen this day than to say that it is an advantage that catches and flushes them into the sea, but only the day of Koko, which is Dongga, is not preferential. It means that he did not go out in the field, originally freed the boat for the whole day, but did not even say the word "hi".


Of course I do not do that now, but it seems that no one has ever thought about that misunderstanding.


In my postulated theory, this day was generally a day of islander's sanctification.


One reason I came to think of it just because of humility is probably because I was gradually afraid of the harm of the wolf, but one more thing was that the child of the twelfth branch It may have been a day.


In the land of what I wrote but I can not make this kind of mistake.


Not only that, but sometimes there is even a rumor that a little odd.


This is a story that appears in the "Kikena Island annual event", but Donga has formerly stopped farming and decided to go outside as a day of playing whales.


Therefore, even though no one had ever seen it, this day the whale added to the cochlea,


Do not let the cat feel free


I was saying that I was dancing while singing.


Youmoa of this story may sound interesting to people of other prefectures.


The custom of using chopsticks for dancing seems to be somewhat less on the south island, but the chopsticks on the island are made of body-matched cochlea shells, and instead of holding them in hand, they bite it and dance like this It is


If you don't have a cat's "I'm free", "Wa freedom" is as I think, and no one will remember this phrase as a dance song other than Kikaijima, If it is a Japanese who knows the word tale about old-fashioned tale, it is the story of our famous tale of old-fashioned so that I think that there is no person who listens and strikes a knee unintentionally or nod smiles.