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It was sneaked into the ancient tradition of the Amami's Island Festival this day.


This folklore has spread throughout the country under the name of "Jooh's Pure Land".


Depending on the land, the details may be a bit wet, but the general lines are very similar to each other, that is, a kind of visit to another place |


The Pure Land of Zen is a hidden village full of treasures, and it is located as close as the eyes and nose from a human village.


Honestly, when you go there, a lot of chicks gather,


If you are not a cat, I will live


I say that I was singing the song and, or,


If you look at the cat, Chankarako in the world


And there is also a story that I was weaving a machine, or the old man and woman's bond is in the back,


One hundred, two hundred


Nyango and I do not want to listen


It can also be told that she was singing.


Then, I got various good things, and when I came back, the story came to me, and the next to my example, I am jealousy and imitate.


Even though it was receiving occasional hospitality, the place that imitated the voice of the cat in an attempt to bring away all the treasures and bring all the treasures in the end, the four sides quickly became dark and could not come out.


There are many cases in which the result was such that when the ground was scooped out and the face finally came to the ground, the nose was cut off because it was mistaken for mula-mochi.


What we are trying to address is no longer how many, and to what extent, the examples of this story are distributed throughout Japan.


Rather, if you have the power of the original that made the shape before it, or the shape that is so prominent, so much that you want to reveal it somehow, for those who sweeten some patience, it It is not impossible either, but there is also a hope to cast a new light on the history of the sea-island culture of today.


My research is actually aiming for it.




The folklore of “The Pure Land of Roses” is that the collected ones are already close to fifty, and there are still a few who say that in my place, but it is almost consistent across the north and south ends of the country The feature was that the lie was too exaggerated.


Originally the truth of old-fashioned tale, etc., was not guaranteed, but it is common to post the end of Dagena Atta sauna, clarify that I have listened so, and assume responsibility However, there is still a line from the bottom of the line, and in rare cases those who are young think of this as a fact, or if there is such a thing, there is a person who thinks, just along the boundary line I'm going to talk.


This means that the beginning of old-fashioned tale is not a small part of people's creation, so-called nobody, it has been communicated to one society indefinitely, and when it is used in our study However, it has become a very powerful base, but in fact the thing that should be known as the truth line will eventually be pulled down to the later side without meetings with the speaker's technology. It was decided to put old-fashioned tale in a position where there is no choice but to the work of just a liar.


Moreover, there is still discrimination between the two, and in the first place, if you try to look for a hearing person who seems to believe you, or if it is a distant old world, there may be such a strange thing, Because the speaker itself is faithful to the tradition, it does not hate the so-called narrative very much, or even those who become a fairy tale writer of recent times limit the freedom of fiction as much as possible. I was about to go out.


In other words, the old-fashioned promise of old-fashioned tale is still largely kept.


However, in some of them, there may be cases where the speaker and the listener are aware of the fact that it is impossible to be known to any world, in the exact same form, as if it were an event of a certain age.


We call it a name in the name of a big story, but the word is not yet generally accepted.


Or, the purpose is usually to laugh, so I think whether it may be called a laughing story, but a laughing story is not necessarily limited to only when such an impossible thing is explained.