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And also the motive is not uniform.


This is also true for the study of the ancient past, that is, due to the remarkable transition of the so-called truth line such as me, the speaker and the listener can no longer trust or explain anything It was one of the ways to deal with old-fashioned tale, to keep its interest.


With the modernization of education and what we call good common sense, it is true that the opportunity has increased, but in the past there has always been a need.


While the record tried to preserve the image of the distant world, our oral tradition has been continually remodeled to adapt to each life's needs.


I think that it is the sole base of the study of Fochlore and, at the same time, a new aspect of the life of many remote islands that were not well-characterized.


If we apply this theory to the folklore of Suijodo, the point that many of Japan's ordinary people at first were most unbelievable is that people were invited to enter the country of this little beast. It is a way or a way, but this suspicion is a pain in the other side and it is particularly painful because it is a hiding place in the basement, and this feeling has already been surpassed from the time of the ancient visit to Ryugu Shrine.


At first it is probably based on the experience of a sea-drifter, and I think that I could have imagined that such a pleasant island is lying well beyond that horizon, but what is life on land? As the generations continue, such memories also fade away, and as long as the world of eyes actually extends, if there is no shadow of the island on a clear day, it is Senkyo, which is hidden in the bottom of the muddy water, It was natural that he came to understand that it was a place where only one person was allowed to be particularly close.


In other words, it is thought that it has become a fantasy of a structure similar to existing submersibles, such as the service of Yahiro and Ichihiro, and going one step further and looking at it without eyes.


However, this is not yet my big story.


There was no former unbelievable person as God's miracle.


On the other hand, please go on my back for a while while turtles appear for a while in private narratives.


Or if the messenger of the dragon palace says that I hold my eyes closed with my eyes until I am okay, I am just as it is, and I arrive at the beach of a golden sparkling long-lasting beach soon afterward It was supposed to talk, and there were a lot of people who listened to it and breathed it out.


If it is such a wonder, there is still a power to accept this, and although astonished, there are no doubts, and no one still thinks it is a preparation for fun.


However, when it comes to the pure land of one of the forts, I can no longer listen seriously.


First of all, if we say that the animal bulletin is now in vogue and the other animal has been negotiated before the incident, the world can not be separated so far.


If you saved the life of a fish or small snake, it happened that you came to a play by chance, but there was also a story that it was saved that you were in danger, but it is difficult to explain it with the boat, and the ground near the vigor village Under that, there was a hiding place for them, and how honestly Mr. San had visited it would have finally become a problem.


Among the many foreign visits, it is the old-fashioned tale of this lineage that has become an obsessive big talk, and it is as if it is a nostalgic of nostalgic that making people laugh and laugh It seemed to have caused the rapid as if the study had no profound meaning, but if it was the goal from the beginning, it would not have been necessary to take the trouble.


In a nutshell, folklore is changing.


We must ask for its original form.




Let's round up the story as short as possible, and let's end up with this one base again.


Some of the present Jingjeongdo have deliberately omitted the way and if Mr. Zhao has just visited, they say, but it can not be convinced even for small children.