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The most common form is a small pitted hole at one end of the pot, or in a corner of the house soil, which accidentally drops a dumpling into the hole.


Then I finally came out of there, and now I am thankful.


Everyone is very sorry and I would like to say thank you.


Because I will guide you, I let Ms. Ms. look for a while and let him hold on to the tail, and go into the shape of a mochi from the small hole.


The end is all the cat's cry, but I always remember to explain in detail the affluent sight of the hidden village before that.


Seeing that the vision was particularly enjoyable, the story remains in the picture of the book of the shrine, and in the countries, the trace of the village's hidden village is called a whale, and when you put your ears on the ground and listen to it, rice | There are also mounds and forests here and there, which are said to hear the sound of the mortar.


Maybe there is a time when it was very famous for this story among simple people, so even if it says that you go to the underground world from a pit that can not be said according to the matter, Those who thought that it had happened may have been left behind by the various old endings, and still some left.


Japan's folklore is well developed, especially in this direction, whether it is no longer believable, and our folk literary arts are freed.


The tongue spears that the three children also knew, and the lodgings are one of the cases in the case, and in the Tohoku area, it is said that the big stories that let people laugh at people well, saying that they are confessions It seems to be.


More surely than that, it is a traditional story that dumpling pure land and what we call, a dumpling of one grain rolled down by itself, and went into the hole, and a little bit of change in shape, almost every corner of the country Are distributed to each other.


Dumplings Wait, where you go, when Ms. Chung chase the mark, the inside of the hole will be wider and a large stone Jizo will stand there.


I can't roll dumplings here.


Some people say that I ate too much and I ate it, or the dumplings rolled up into a hole and the time to roll into a hole was so interesting that I dropped all the dumplings, and the next one was It's too late to put in a heavy box, and at the end there's an irresistible form, such as a crawling roller and a rolling roller, as if I had fallen to myself.


As Ms. Feng Mi-san later imitates, every story has to be repeated twice, and it has been unusual for some young people that it is different in some places.


For example, pick up a dumpling rolling in front of Mr. Jizo, eat at your own place with soil, and say to raise Mr. Jizo in a beautiful place, the bad habit is just the opposite, dusty Leave a good place in the first place.


Then, even if the demons gather and embark on the board, one of them is told by the Jizo and rests on his shoulders, and when he sees the best time to imitate the roar of the chicken, the night is over and the demons While it is said that everything is astonished and ridiculed with money and money being thrown away, this is all the other way around, or because it is laughed that it should not be laughed, it is finally found and eaten. is there.


This point is the same idea of the cat's creepy and so on, but it is impossible to decide which one was actually made, but at least the story of the Jizo or the demon in the dumpling pure land, if the small mold of the small pit does not exist There was no need to bring it all the way to the deep bottom of the ground.


As a mystery of the world that should have been possible once, in the days when parents and descendants were told to pass on, those who tried to remember the old form as unambiguously as possible become smarter and people continue to believe in this for minutes The process of being told one after another in such a way that if it is a dream, a plunging dream and an exhilarating dream, it keeps the stage of endless transformation in this way.


In order to try to clarify the history of folklore, it is necessary to gather similar examples from each other and to make a more in-depth comparison, which may be a quite exciting business in Japan, but unfortunately to me There is no time for that, and for the time being, derailment will not be permitted.