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However, because that individual article of "Taketori Monogatari" aims at a slightly vulgar admiration and there is unlikely to be a different content in the word "Koyasu", the same association and common belief as today is still It may be good to see what happened from that time.


According to the Kanda Record of Shibata Kuwayama, the name "Sobe shell shell Bebe shell shell shell" has already been used for medical documents during the Muromachi period, and it is even worse than that in the common names. It can be imagined that it is in vogue today.


But many such things are rather forgetful of the power to help this shell man, and they are the minds of those who are drawn only to the rarity of the form, and the naive ones before that one However, in the case of trying to admit the action of the spirit hidden behind the natural wonder and natural wonder, even though there is a connection of mysterious memories, the naming attitude was probably totally different.


One rarely spoke it at least, or at least offered it to the mockery.


I think that the trace still remains in the words of Sibi, Subi, and Tubi.


There is also a reason for saying that I made this a second generation and another original noun, which should not exist.


In the Southern Islands, it was you, or a solemn religious woman, who first hung on the neck with this beautiful treasure shell.


Thus, it would be because he did not believe that it would have a special effect only for the protection of easy delivery or the peaceful growth of the offspring.



In hundreds of years after the bream has been transmitted deep in the depths of the continent, perhaps the beauty of that collection will be lost, and the reason why it is a treasure is that it is far from the sea For those who live away, imagine that it became increasingly incomprehensible.


It can not be interpreted as a mere promise of society, as it is now, so what happens next is the power of cursing, when it holds the hand, it controls the enemy, or the life of one's own life It must be a kind of faith that makes you enjoyable and peaceful.


Research has already been made on the transition of this idea that has appeared in every corner of the world, but I can not yet know.


At least as far as Japan is concerned, we have to think from it.


On the shores of large and small islands, the same kind of shellfish is produced in a wide area, but the types are much smaller, and are the colors and lights considerably poorer or inferior to those of the neighboring islands in the south? I think that the.


Even so, the words "Takara Shellfish" or "Nishiki Shellfish" are being practiced without reference from any time in the world.


Or, after knowing the name of the baby shell of Shimondai, it seems that I translated it directly, but it also requires some thought that Takara in my word hits his "treasure".


And it is also a long time that one of the islands in the south was called the capital 邏.


Just after the visit | Was there a great number of people who experienced the big surprises they felt as they saw the axio storehouse?


However, there is also a time when oneself has been petting for something beautiful like that, and finally it moves to a large cold island and enters into a state where it is necessary to turn to the beautiful colors of the land Did you come?


The problem is that after all, has the art culture of the so-called ball come in from the outside or has something in it transformed?


Even if all the stones of that material were close to it, did it not wait until the custom of hanging a ball through the neck until the technique of grinding and polishing and drilling the holes?


Or, first of all, the taste for selecting and picking the most beautiful of the various shellfish picked up from the sea is already widespread, and as it is seen in the southern islands, it tends to admire the stones that are particularly difficult to catch. Or, I think that it will be a problem that the Japanese should compare and refer to the islands on the North and South Ocean from now on.


The preference for dressing the gems seems to have been learned from the fur-thirians nowadays, but at first it was something that should have started in a bare country, a society on the shores of a warm sea by any means.


In Volume 9 of Manyoshu,

妹がため我玉ひろふ沖べなる玉よせもちこ 云々

My sister is, so I am Hirofumi Offen ball Yosemochiko, etc.


Lastly, or fifteen in the same collection,