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Only one example is given in the sentence “about Ryukyuan of Koyasukai” written by Mr. Inami, but it should be transported to the Imperial Court of the Ming in the year of 1495. The Ryukyu tribute list shows a large number of five hundred and fifty thousand seaweeds.


This is probably not a one year special.


In frank terms, it would be that in Okinawa there could not be anything but one that was not there.


At the beginning of the so-called Nakaji trade, only southern products such as sugi and pepper are on the top of the table, but many treasure shells are also loaded on the ship to obtain the contents. I had to trade with the nations.


Of course, with years of accumulation, the value would have fallen steadily, but still the period of using this as a subsidy was correspondingly long in this respect.


With regard to the Yunnan shell coin during the Marco Polo era, a detailed study of Prof. Sugimoto has been published, and it is said here that the Maldivian Islands were supplied exclusively through Bengal Burma, but it went south from that In areas somewhat closer to the sea, perhaps the production of the Okinawa islands has gained the advantage of competing until the end, so trade in Tangnan Lau during the late Middle Ages is, so to speak, by the ban on the neck ornaments of the pearl oysters in Okinawa Island. Seems to be what supported


And so the origin may not have been obvious yet, or it may have been very distant.


The so-called nna glucani, a system that has been levied with a bribery, is that Mr. Inami mentions only one example, but as the international value of this thing finally falls, it is necessary to make up for its weakness in quantity. Then, just like the recent monopoly on salt and tobacco, it seems that the ban on its own use would have been fairly severe across the island.


Such need is, of course | lost completely, the kind of document record may have been burned on the day of entering Shimadzu, but the people in the fifth and seventh generations continue, and only the shellfish are not to be a neck ornament And, because one life style is interrupted by it and there is no power to plan revival anymore, especially because the function of politics and faith is close on this island, or a kind of taboo was also working on this it is conceivable that.


In any case, it is impossible to understand that it was a mere accident that the well-rooted tribe of the customs who dressed herself with Tama was completely free from this beautiful and venerable treasure.


It is thought that the most important thing that could not be described in history is buried in many things.


As is also the case in the modern world of Sado, where Sado is caught in the feces, on this inter-island coral reef, a natural child of a certain size, which is a low back, is left for free in the mornings and evenings. Once the broom shell that has been hung on the neck and hung on the neck is transported across the ocean and brought deep inland, it will soon be irritated as a rarity, or it will gradually emanate a new attraction. , It was a time when I felt that it was difficult to change my life and to change to so-called Jiuzhai-taro.


It is not necessarily what the islanders wanted, but if the world becomes widely recognized in value, that is, they only had to suffer during the winds, or at last they would not start It has also become possible to feed this into the depths of oblivion, with the fun of nature from the past.


The distribution and survival of a kind of plant called Zuzudama, which has been my subject, or human approval seems to have been related to this buried great history, at least in the islands of the Far East.


We have many other life-related demands and we have not stayed in a clam rich in shellfish forever.


Gradually we had to ship ships to the chilly north seashore, and later we had to cross the mountains and the hills and send the world even in the river where the sea can not be seen.


Then, if I tried to keep the old feeling for a while, maybe it was this grass called Zuzdama that first caught my eye.


Even if you break the shell and don't get food, transplant it and plant it again, it is likely that even a single parent will come up with it, and so this grass's location is also near to a private residence, and it is almost wild Like, there is only a place where it is likely.