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A woman goes naked and puts something like Salmata into the sea.


“Is this a sea bathing?” I was given a strong impression for the first time.


At that time, the impression was so strong that it was neglected to look at Awaji.


After that, I often went down there or looked at it from the train window, but it seemed more ancient when compared to that time.


In other words, I saw the newest Akashi at that time, and Akashi is always remembered in conjunction with swimming.


The car eventually entered the town of Hyogo, passed through the rustic townscape, and faced the port of Kobe.


Even now, the appearance seems to be clearly visible, but it is a house on the second floor with ordinary handrails, which is often found in any port town.


The coast is a grassy wall and a stone wall was built, but the upper part is a lawn, and I remember that the grass was growing.


I think that it is near the current Meriken quayside, but a pier with a barge came out from there, and a ship far off the coast.


Surely, it was "Yamashiro Maru" who worked in the Sino-Japanese War, and it was 2,300 tons.


Because of the proud excitement that “it will be on a ship of more than 2,000 tons”, even if you board the ship, it is unusual to have seasickness rather than sleep well, so you can not sleep well. I peeked at people and everything was surprising.


This was the first time I saw my world.


Journey to Tokyo


“What I remember here is Tsutsuyasu, my elder brother.


My elder brother is said to have been a singer of Katsurin school since before that time, but there is actually a fushi that seems not to be so.


Because my house was poor, I didn't have any heirloom things, but there was only one sword that my mother brought when she was married, even though it was armored. Because I wanted a childhood and had no specifications with a long cord, I asked my mother the night before I left Hojo.


I wanted to make use of the sword, and I thought of it as a child, and when I went to bed with my brother at the inn, I took it out of my bag and put it under the pillow so that I could see it.


However, the 22-year-old college student sees it and does not laugh or cool off.


I got worse and suddenly looked into this song and turned the place into a magical place.


If you sleep with your sister without a heart but a sharp sword under the pillow


This is a famous song by Kagawa Keiki, but my brother didn't know it at that time.


“Who do you know?” “Do you know, Keiki's song?” “Hey, are you making such a song?” My brother knew it for the first time.


My brother's boarding house is a continuation of Juntendo in Yushima, Tokyo, and the master was a former Nagoya man named Ohashi.


He was a great literary writer, and there was a book by Keiki, and his brother was watching it, but he would not have seen it until he had tasted it one by one.


I was precocious and singing like a child.


There is Shigeki Suzuki's “Waka First School” in my house, and in addition to four books in four seasons, there were seven books such as love, miscellaneous top and bottom, but this song is called “pillow” under miscellaneous It was what was included in the title.


There was such a one-time humorous play and we arrived in Yokohama.


He landed with a barge from a far offshore and was a bit far from the station.


At 8 o'clock in the evening, I was a Date brother, so I got into a second-class car as a student, but there was almost no space in the car and there were only three girls with two children.


I pretended not to look and decided to observe me and my older boy.


Eventually, the maid asks, "Young lady, do you have a biscuits?"


“Oh, biscuits!” I was still looking at what I was curious about, and it was so big that I could only get one on my palm.


It was the impression of the night of entering Tokyo that they were eating it.


Impression of Tokyo


】 I got tired from a long trip, and when I arrived at my brother's boarding house, I slept and slept slowly that night.