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My grandfather's pottery is a neighbor who came to adopt from a house called Nakagawa in Kawabe (now Ichikawacho).


Himeji City | Aboshi Nakagawa is a branch from the riverside, and a few excellent people have appeared a few years ago.


This is my grandfather's brother.


By the way, this grandfather was separated from the fact that he suffered from typhoid fever and left a small self in his recovery.


The surviving grandmother was still young, so the surrounding people seemed to think that there was a connection again, but the person himself was an old-fashioned morals person and couldn't listen to it.


Although it was still good because my father had a lifetime ...


By the way, this grandmother's mother was from the Hokke sect's house.


The Yoyo Matsuoka family was a Tendai sect, and they were not allowed to marry other sects, but entered the Matsuoka family after free marriage.


There happened to be a monk who was ordered to live from the main mountain in Kyoto to the Hokke Buddhist temple, Myoho-ji, located in Yamazaki, Fukusaki-cho, across the Ichikawa from the Yodogawa village. I've been in my temple.


At that time, I brought my doctor, who was a son of my child, to Hyotaka, and forced him into Hokke.


The Matsuoka family's Motoyama, a mysterious Tendaimon temple called Myotokuyama Jinzaji, became a problem, and although it was for filial piety, it was accused from Motoyama and expelled, bringing my daughter (my grandmother) I moved to Kyoto.


The grandmother who had a childhood without being taught any time when she had to be educated had no knowledge of housework other than the squeezing of the deer that was the life of Kyoto.


Soon after the period of expulsion, I came back to Yodogawa, but this grandmother's adopted son told me about the pottery. .


This succession was the surname of a person related to the mine everywhere.


The pottery is a brilliant person who drafted a bun as a masterpiece of the famous Ikuno riot, but since the incident settled, he was not guilty of sin.


The family then left the land after two generations, but the family is still active everywhere for mining.


The father, who grew up, missed his separated grandfather and secretly went across the river to see Ikuno, who was struck by his grandmother and tried to be expelled.


Suzunomori Shrine


My father | The Matsuoka family at the time of the birth of Kenji (changed to a maneuver after the beginning of Meiji's freedom of renaming was renamed "Saisai") already had no property, except to make his father a doctor Because there was no way, I decided to send my father as a student to Akemi's doctor, Umeya.


My father was a master of Chinese studies, and my father had some books in his house, and he read the collections of the Miki family, but the doctor who lived in was a trendy person and often opened up a collection of Chinese poetry.


It happened that it was a good work because of the seven words that were made by recommending at the meeting, so it was called “Let's study”, Himeji Kaoru, the daughter of the teacher Tsunoda who was the last niece, Tajima family As a younger brother, he was temporarily registered and studied at a place called Nitozan and Kokodo under the name of Kenji Tajima.


Eventually, he returned to Yodogawa as a doctor, but as a doctor who was not as popular as his father's grandfather left-handed, he decided to take office as the head of a town school called Kumakawasha in Himeji.


This Kumagawa building was founded by the townspeople and was a pride of Himeji school style.


My house lived well until the first year of the Meiji era, but at the time of the great revolution of the Meiji Restoration, there was an unexpected change in the house, and my father's worries seemed to be intense, and I felt that I had a severe nervous breakdown for a while. It is.


By the way, I had an elder brother named Shunji who passed away after his elder brother Tsutsuyasu and then the elder brother.


Himeji Nori came to work in a kimono store called Kamata, who temporarily helped the household, but soon failed at the store and headed to Osaka to try a new rebirth. Died in