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In the later years, the young man was weak enough to finally stroke our head, but at last he couldn't live alone and called the grandmother who took care of him.


Because the story was “She was also changed,” I thought I wanted to go to the child's heart and see it, but I didn't go.


Living in a room with four tatami mats is like a couple's life.


There is only one thing I can't forget about Mr. Sodo.


There is a souvenir that Mr. Sodo of late years handed to his father saying "Give me to Kunio".


It was a small swordsmith, hollowed out in the seeds of plum, and a Tenjin with a stand in it.


Wrapped in white paper, on the outer paper, the origin of the little Tenjin was written, and it was signed and written to me.


However, I was mischievous at that time, and I just wrote a number of bad pictures of mischievous books, as well as writing on the wrappers and papers of origin.


My father found it very angry and I was beaten by my life as much as I had never been beaten by my father.


The children didn't understand for some reason, and later I thought, "I wonder if it wasn't so much".


Mr. Sodo was a very elegant city-like monk, but he became lonely in his later years and began to use his children's treasured items.


I am still left in my heart as a background of a singing scholar who became more estranged from Buddhism and went deeper into the song.


The room and the person who knows Mr. Domou would have disappeared, but the place was left as it was because he wanted to go to the alias.


Some of the Samurai masters are also confused because they have the same name, but I think there are people in Banshu who have a strip of Mr. Ishizaka.


Memories of Doppo Kunikida


This is the time when the war was over.


One day, a son named Shuji Kunikida visited.


It was a story about editing some newspaper or magazine in Tokyo.


I also remembered Brother Kukida after a long time, but I knew my two parents.


His father, Senpachi, was from Banshu Tatsuno, and when he was doing a boat or something, he sailed in the direction of Choshi in Chiba and was wrecked, married a local lady and settled there. .


So Kameyoshi (that is, Doppo, later renamed Tetsuo) and Shuji seem to have set up.


There are many legendary rumors about its birth, but I have never heard of it or explained it from the other side even after I started working with it.


There is a direction to scrutinize whether or not there was something that would become the material of the “Destiny” of the work, but I am not interested.


Anyway, the two brothers were very similar, and the body seemed to be larger.


As I walked in front of a barber called Kita-bed that was in front of the university in Hongo, I still remember it. "Why don't you go with someone who wants to see you?"


It was in the fall of Meiji 2009 that we met together saying, “Who is it?” And “I'm a man of Kunikida” and “It's funny.”


Tayama was a member of the song school of Masao Matsuura.


When I was in Aoyama, my parents who were walking alone were terribly old and were just taking care of my son.


A child born after October is called a child of the year's zodiac, but it is often said that a male child who is a child of the year is particularly well-matched, or that Tetsuo's child, Torao, is a child of that year. It was.


I tried to talk about Tatsuno, but I didn't say it was very clear.


Around that time, Kunikida's house was the most peaceful time, and his parents died soon.


Although he had caused a personal case, his self-employment when he edited "Popular News" was very versatile, he was wearing a good kimono, and his hometown visited. But I waited for a long time and was so active that I could talk with us.