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[Travel boat trips at that time were very strong and impressed, and later later, the river boat trips were motivated by the fact that they began to explore the waters of homes and boats.


It is a common boat.


A cheerful niece who was treated as a customer for nearly sixty was on a couple with a young son.


Mr. Tsuji told me various things even though I couldn't speak well.


It is the so-called shii gypsii (occupants of the sea) and is based in Fuzhou.


When a child grows up and becomes a full-fledged person, he will build a boat.


Then the child will marry the bride and jump out into his world on a new boat.


This niece also had three children, but since the two above were independent, he was working on the old boat with his youngest child.


The necessary inheritance of the child, and from that point of view, the people's lives were very interesting.


Around Guangdong, there was a large restaurant where the common people were open on the boat, and there was a huge shift in customers.


Sina Continent Travel


I finally went to Shanghai because there was a room on an English ship.


In Shanghai, I was coming to visit, probably Mr. Yoshinari Kawai.


Mr. Mitsuo Otani also helped me a lot, and when I was in Waseda, I met Sun Yat-sen at the guidance of the very mastered Japanese priest who has come to my house. But I don't remember it well.


Before long, I went to Hankou on a Nisshin Kisen ship on the Yangtze River.


I started to talk with American missionaries in my thirties on the ship and listened to the Japanese roots. It was about.


My foster mother was baptized at the famous church of Pastor Tsunashima about 15 years ago and became a Christian. Interestingly explained, the opponent was changing the complexion.


When I came back to Tokyo, I sent a very eager letter, annoying, but I sent an evangelism book asking me to read this book to my mother.


I thought that I was handling Japan with this level of knowledge.


Once I went to Hankou, I turned back to Daijitsuzan in Jiangxi Province.


When walking alone in a slightly rough place on the iron mountain, ten children call me out loud from behind.


He gives me a small blue stone.


I don't know what it is, but because it's favored, when I tried to give it out, I didn't receive it and went quickly.


When this stone was taken home and taken to Brother Eioka, it turned out to be very good patina.


I remember that I was very impressed by the fact that there was a kid who just gave it to the Japanese.


The Kyohan line was just opened, and it was often memorable.


At the station along the railway line, the merchandise is outside the fence, and it is mixed while selling to customers strolling the platform, the figure of a beggar without legs is getting the same feeling as a trade, It still remains in my eyes, such as the appearance of three or four people riding on a kite.


The Beijing Minister was Ginsuke Hayashi.


In addition, Mr. Torao Suzuki and a few other friends also went abroad to study, and many of them were students who taught at Waseda and were in considerable positions.


I went to Tsinghua University, where I met many people.

顧維鈞(Wellington Koo)もそこの教授をしており、英語が達者なのには参ってしまった。

Wellington Koo is also a professor there, and I have learned that English is a master.


The parliament also listened to it because it was promoted at the legation, but it happened to be the last of the parliament.


A newspaper from Japan revealed that the political situation was very suspicious.


When I was away from the cabinet, I didn't feel like I was going to be bad. After that, I went to Mukden and traveled back to Dalian.


My family came to Yokohama, but my eldest son was still about four years old, and after staring at my head, I was surprised at "Hage Atama".


When it was hot in June, the continent was completely bald because the air was dry but the hair was not cared for or oiled.