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I think that the letter of the inscription was written by a person who was a clerk of the Grand Court, who came from Satoshi Iida.


Inscription of Cion Temple


I have written another inscription.


It has now been incorporated into Iwatsuki City, Saitama Prefecture, but there was a village called Jionji.


There was a Tendai Buddhist temple called Jionji of the same name in the old temple territory.


Mr. Umezo Mizuno, who was secretary of Kozui Otani of Honganji at a later date, had trouble with this temple.


Because of that relationship, part of the remains of Genzo Sanzo excavated in Nanjing, China, are enshrined here.


Mr. Umebuchi died there after the war.


There was a person in Saitama Prefecture who was a disciple.


There was a young, hilarious boy who was a boy at Cion-ji and helped with the work of the Ministry of Home Affairs.


In the past, the temple called Cion-ji was only around the wilderness, where Shogun Tokugawa went to hunt.


There was a lot of small shrines in this temple, and everything in the temple.


The most important company was Suwa Shrine.


Since there were so many of them, the prefecture decided to reduce the number of mergers, and instead decided to build a monument that wrote the history on the grounds of Cion-ji.


The villagers collaborated and asked me to write the inscription with the mouth of the young Kazuhisa, who was always at home.


For me, there is a natural feeling of "so that you can feel at ease, and that you can be satisfied" and a feeling that texts only need to achieve their purpose, and it is a mixture of kana I made a text that anyone can read.


Although it was a newspaper-like tone as much as possible, it was a high-pitched sentence, but the content was a dignified political theory.


In other words, I dealt with old political and academic issues, and touched on the wilderness that came to hunt the generals.


Since that area is a place where calligraphy is thriving, there was a very well-written teacher at the girls' normal school in the prefecture, and he wrote it.


I was invited at the time of the monument, but it was quite a long and large monument.


He stood just half way from the temple, but now it has been moved to the precincts of Suwa Shrine.


Some of the other texts were written in comfort or while laughing, but when Norito, who thought that it would be inconvenient if he only groaned by his parents, and Yukichi Tsuji passed away, These two sentences that tried to express their sadness even if they were blocked were indispensable for me to write naturally.


Another special inscription is the stone monument of this temple.


The following is the full text by Takumoto that Hisako Kamada took on the spot.


Oki Jionji Ehime Shrine History


This is the history of the new year's record, and the details of the record are difficult to find. The capital city of the capital city, the capital of the capital, the daily life of the city, the local community of the city, the life of the elderly, the father of the father, the younger brother, the younger brother of the school, and the student who has not been exposed to the dead.冥 冥 神 仰 仰 深 深 仰 カ リ カ リ カ リ カ リ カ リ カ リ カ リ フ ラ カ リ フ ラ 唯 フ ラ フ ラ 唯 フ ラ 唯 唯 唯 時 時 時 時 時 時who Aramuniha Kamio輕 Suruno 懼少 Karasaruka Koni 1910 years October fifteenth day officer Bruno sanction wo Tokutesakitsu one place wo Suwa God Sakainouchi two phases were Atago Roh your O此Ni遷Shi worship Ehime no god no hachi no kino wo evergreen no mori no tetsu sushi seki no wo wo wo ti ti ri ti ti ti ri ti fund 185 圓 得 表 慈 慈 慈 慈 慈 慈 慈 慈 慈Old three Mr. Sadashi Atsawa, etc. If you don't want to be a person, you will not be able to access the homepage of your homepage. Noboru Nishite and ancestor generations Nori-Naru no Naru Naruki long-awaited tales of this field求 ム ム ム 境 境 シ シ 鳥 鳥 鳥 鳥 明 明 明 明 明 ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ ニ カ リ カ リ 山 山 山-諏火 ノ 火 村 村 村 村 村 村 抽 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 風 五 風 風 五 五 五 火 火 火 火 火 火 火 火 火 火 火-村 和 和Tony Fukoto no Shisareha Boso Sosei Nisei Rem 謹 Mite Tosei no Toku no Otoshi no Ancestor Toshi no Ryu Koto No Necessary 4 o'clock Festival 重 重 郷 郷 郷 郷 セ セ 靈 靈シ 永 ク 神 浴 浴 浴 s