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It was because of the decline in faith that the creation of specific families such as mochi and Inugami-suji, which are still seen in certain faiths, and private studies such as the fall by magicians were carried out. Wasn't it the influence of some people who used this faith in their lives, not just based on it?


By the way, the spear hunting takes the form that the spear is expelled in the same way as a mole shot, but it seems that it was originally a hospitality event to hear the fertility of that year from the spear at the beginning of the year.


In some areas, it is called “going home” and has a slightly positive attitude toward heels.


The singing phrase at that time is


Even though the sushi is sushi, we will hunt it if it is not enough.


It was delicious if I ate a candy.


Take it between the gums.


It is a playful and demonstrative movement in the middle of the wind, but also shows the remnants of long-time friendship with Sakai.


In Yodogawa, it was called Ororo chasing, and it was left as an event for no reason. Ororo was a call to search for things, but children formed a group and walked along the cold night road to the end of the village. I was walking while screaming.




Older people are more likely to understand anything and tend to face young people and children, but there are many unsolved things in the world.


It looks like something boring, and if you find it, you may find out about our old history and the connection with the surrounding people.


The fact that there are many unresolved issues is also fun when considering the future.


When I was a child, there were many events called Banoko in Banshu.


According to the book, it is written as an event of this day that a certain house near the Nose Myo-sama in Seto Toyono-gun goes to the Imperial Court in Kyoto on the day of the Child of the Old October is there.


Although it is also called Gengen, I don't know if the day of Samurai is Samurai, but I think that someone from Kyoto and someone near Nose talked about it, but I couldn't explain it.


In fact, we have no connection with the sensation of the day of childhood when we were children and the event of Noh, which is bringing the rice cake to Kyoto.


Hold a bunch of buns in a new bowl and make a sport called a bamboo or a load.


With this, all the children are in good shape and hit the ground.


There was a plant inside and the sound was so good that the kids were naturally excited.


Konoko, Kurenoko, Koenya's nephew, demon ume, snake ume, horned ume


“I was singing so that I could make a village path.


My parents were noisy at my house, and they didn't let me join the village children for anything else, but only at this time we gave the brothers the privilege of children and went out. .


«This fox child's event is only in a narrow range.


It spreads out from our region in Banshu to the west a little, but there are many places that use stones called 亥 子 石 from Okayama to a part of Yamaguchi Prefecture.


A lot of ropes are attached to a round stone, and the children pull the rope from all sides to lift the stone in the air and drop it on the ground.


The feeling and the tone are different, but this day is still called the puppet.


On the other side of the Seto Inland Sea, Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku was certainly a spider.


I usually keep the stones safe and take them out only on this day, just like Yoitotake hits the ground piles, pull them up together and drop them on the ground.


This made people feel irritated and excited.


The behavior was different, but the children sang in Okayama as well as in Banshu.


In the Kanto region, the same event is called “|


Because it is a spear gun, it is close to Banshu events.


In other words, far away, the movement is similar to each other, but the singing is different from the stone and stone, but the distance is similar.


Nevertheless, what I found recently is that this event is not so old.