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Shinano Sakura Story


Kunio Yanagita


Children should find seedlings of peaches and persimmons and put them in one corner of the garden, and they should not forget them, or forget about them. There is also.


There is no telling when it will come to fruition, but unlike the other wild, it has a slight human intent.


This is one of the only things that you can put up with a stick of a mark until someone can pick it up and raise it.


In Shinshu's essay and tofu book that was released around ten years ago, I wrote that there are many weeping cherry trees in Shinshu.


However, if you look carefully after that, it is not limited to only love, but there are many weeping trees in various prescriptions, at least from Kyoto to the east. That's not much like Shinshu.


Even in the Sudoku magazine that I read recently, there are several temples in Shizuoka with the famous cherry tree thread cherry blossoms, and in Edo there is a large weeping cherry tree Atatsutoifu temple, including the Gokokuin Temple in Ueno and Zojoji Temple in Shiba. However, 67 places were also listed.


These things are almost gone, but it's spectacular that they are as tall as 56 gates on the opposite bank of the Tama River that I saw recently, next to the gate of Kichijoin in Beeda. It was a big tree, and it wasn't a little old.


Unfortunately, there are not so many encounters in the flower arrangement of Chiya Udo, so it is not possible to confirm whether it is the same kind of tadashi or soda.


This point made me anxious, so I didn't have the courage to go ahead and inquire about the distribution path.


However, as the only thing that remains there after being cut down, there are too many places, and the features of the branches and flowers are too remarkable.


After all, there is a root tree somewhere, there is a method of grafting trees, or there is a labor to pick up seeds and raise seedlings, labor to carry things in the distance, I went to the now Hirohiro area. It can be imagined.


It is only a coincidence that I first noticed this flower in Shinshu, but it was difficult to think if I brought it from the outside to this mountain country. I thought that it might be in this area somewhere.


I knew that the Chino-Udosa Uifori pattern had the flower of the Shinano Sakura and Ifu name.


As a result, whether or not the same kind of weeping cherry tree that I saw in Shinshu was the same kind of thing, of course, is not a problem.


By the way, I have gradually come to understand that it seems that the flowers are beautiful and that the cherry blossoms that are growing brilliantly are beautiful.


I wonder if there is a person who knows Shinano Sakura even if it is in a place other than Kyoto.


It is for this reason that I somehow started to want to ask and see this point.


For the first time, the name of this Shinano cherry tree was found after the editorial printing of the post-Hokkoin Kimono, which was edited and edited by Mr. Sumi Hiraizumi last year. It is a diary of 55).


Despite the turbulent times, it is a diary with many articles about garden garden flowers and trees, but one of them is a hobby of the general era, especially Kemari, which was popular during the upstream, so it is a slow matter. I think that the tree's preference encouraged the transplanting of weeping willows and cherry blossoms.


First of all, in the article on the 4th day of October, 18th civilization, there are ten cherry trees in the vestibule Ueno Shinobu, but since I built a new house in the previous year, even the old dwellers have an article about the cherry blossoms in the vestibule.屡 * Because it can be seen, it was originally a house with many flowers.


About 15 years later, in September of Meiji 7th year, it was said that 45 Shinano cherry trees were transplanted outside the Byo-mon gate, and in the same decade, some Shinano cherry trees were ordered. You can see the article that was published, and the owner of the Asukai family, who is the head of Imari's family, is participating in this.


It is not clear if it was around the garden of Mari, but anyway, it is clear that there are many cherry trees in this house, which is a type of Shinano cherry tree.


I think that the evidence that this tree was indeed a weeping cherry tree is not only due to the fact that there are many thread cherry trees and ifujou in the front yard in the same diary, but there are still some other requirements.