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To give just one example, the name "Kakiuchi" in the name of the mansion is still common in Yamato, but it has been used often before.


The name of the house called Takenouchi, which I thought was planted with lots of bamboo around the house and addressed it as a cause of harm, was so many in the Middle Ages that it could be imagined even if it had been in ancient times since Takeuchi-juku.


However, when it came to the east, it became a bamboo nose, and it seems that they were trying to surround a group of private houses rather than individual houses from a distant perspective.


Although there are a minimum of 20 million extant place names in Japan, there is a complex change in the motives of the humans who created this, but we still have a large number of coincident phenomena due to their classification. , They have enough hope to be able to reveal their nature.


However, there were some people in the world who tried to characterize the study of place names in Japan with the conjecture of just turning it over.


I don't know about it now, but I once heard that kind of voice from the geography classroom at the university.


For example, Dr. Kotora Jimbo was often interested in the Ainu language and looked up place names in Hokkaido, but he often told people that even if I didn't understand anything, there was nothing more mysterious than Japanese place names. I've had it.


It could be said that my place name research was actually a gift of Dr. Jimbo's encouragement.


From what I feel, listening to the words of a madman has a sense of interest.


Furthermore, there are many sane people, and there should be no reason to say unreasonable things by applying the language that Otsura advocated and Otojo Ding agreed with.


The fact that it is unknown means the burial of history.


Today | Although there is a history book of Sweat Gourd Building, the mystery of this place name teaches us that we still have new knowledge of the past that we can learn if we learn.


It was the stimulation of seniors who should be grateful to me.


Therefore, I made another point of this research that the undeveloped land of the same Japanese who had the blood of the same Japanese man was surrounded and preserved until now. I try to calculate.


Then, knowing that this is not limited to a kind of linguistic art of a solitary place name, we cannot help but congratulate the future of Japan's focloa.



Ainu's place name solution was written by Tadashi Nagata, and there are some lectures in the appendix of the old edition of Bachelor's dictionary. ..


Thanks to that, even people who are trying to become an Ainu, even though they know the name of the inland place, are now well understood.


It's a strange story.


The obvious reason for the Ainu place name is clear.


There was only one way to name them.


In a word, natural portrayal, that is, what children use to describe uncharted lands today, to those who know his word because he used it all in one color. It is natural that you can swallow immediately.


Of course, there are many in our place name.


This is only sometimes not found in everyday life, due in part to the outdated term.


Moreover, after exhausting all of these names, what happened next was not simple.


For example, if a name given to a point or a small amount of land later became so important that it was expanded to a much larger area and it is now unclear which side is the origin. ..


The ancient sixty-six countries have published various books on national studies, but the reason they are all guesswork is that they don't know where the main name was, so this is the first thing to do. It was hard to imagine that it was the name given to the existing district, but everyone was trying to grasp the clue of the explanation from the irrelevant state of each state.


Things that happened after the name of the county or the township, etc., apart from the names of the upper and lower parts of the district, other than the names of the paper-cutting plots of today, are usually relatively important within the ward. It seems that it used the old name.