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There is no idea in the "place name dictionary".


If Mama came from the same Ainu language, Meme, then it would be appropriate for the head family to be there.


There is also a large gap called "Gaku-ma", which extends further downstream from the Ma of Katsushika-gun to the jurisdiction of Tokyo Prefecture.


The name of the place that slipped along with the terrain may have slipped with the residence.


Presuming from the name of the place, before the new land was created by river soil, the river water had flowed into the bay below the cliff, for example, this country | It is probably because Bijin|Tekona was looking at the sea from the top of the cliff in the terrain such as the coast east of Wakura in Noto.


Higo | There is also a cliff in Mamihara in Aso-gun, but like many Mamizuka or Mitsuzuka in many countries, there are details that seem to have originated from the faith, and this is not an example. Misaki River, Hitachi and Mami Mt.


Therefore, of the place names in Japan, I will explain only those that are pronounced by Mama and Ma.

一三 江角

13 Esumi


Izumo|Yatsuka-gun|Ezumi-mura larger section|Esakuura


 Esumiura is the port of Esadogo, that is, boat pier, and Esumi is the location of Ezumi, Ashika-gun, which is the name of the "Wameicho" village.


Since the cloudy character is a cloud of Azumi, I finally returned to Ezumi, but when I implemented the town and village system, I restored it to the nickname, but according to "Izumo Fudoki", the character was written until the third year of Kamikame. If the place name was written as Keito and was told that God might look like a Tomo after seeing this terrain, it is actually Edmo.


One of the western parts of the Shimane Peninsula |


However, there is now one cape in Hokkaido, called Edmo.


It may be safe to say another place name because it is a segregation that is too old and now, but there may be relatively slow changes in language among ethnic groups with low civilization, and there are other similar examples. Since there are many, let me describe one hypothesis in the attempt.


By the way, Edmo in Hokkaido is an Ainu village located in the Isosan-in, about the southeastern peninsula of Muroran.


When it was old, it was known to the natives as it was one of the eastern places.


There are both Etomozaki and Etomo, but in the Genrokukyo book it is called Endomo.


It is not known which one is older, although the book "Ezo-gei Gesetsu" and the other books correctly say that it is Enrum and Edmo is a transgression.


When I visited this place last year, I asked the old Ainu there the name Edmo.


It is said that the Ainu of the 20th century is famous for its bullshit, but in the answer Edmo is originally Enrum. In the Ainu language, the rat is called Elm.


It was said that he used to sing because there was a mouse here in the past.

そこで自分は鼠をエルムというのならなぜにエンルムというのかと問い返したれば、あまりたくさんいたからエンルムと強めたのだと立派に言い切ったが、後にアイヌ語法に通じた人に聞けば、ンの字を附加する emphatic form はないそうである。

So when I asked him why he called Enlum, if he called Elm, he said that he had strengthened it because there were too many, but when I asked a person who was familiar with the Ainu language, the letter N was written. It seems that there is no accompanying emphatic form.


However, it seems that Enrum was a rat that has been around for a long time, and it appears in various old books, perhaps even in the famous Hidaka Erimosaki, because it may be repeated with Elm Notsu. It is usually translated as a mouse, and there is a legend about the mouse.


The cape called Enrum today is

後志瀬棚郡       エンルム

Goshisetana County Enrumu

日高|様似郡       エンルム

Hidaka | Samani-gun Enrum

北見宗谷郡       エンルム

Kitami Soya-gun Enrum

胆振千歳郡マオイ沼   タンネ、エンルム    長崎

Iburi Chitose-gun Maoi Swamp Tanne, Enrum Nagasaki

天塩苫前郡       ショ、エンルム     岩崎

Teshio Tomamae-gun, Sho, Enrumu Iwasaki

同 留萌郡       エンルムカ       崎の上

Rumoi-gun Enlumka, Sakinoue


And so on.


The example Bachelor vocabulary does not have this letter.

鼠という名詞は Erum または Endrum とある。

The noun mouse is Erum or Endrum.

岬の Enrum がこの二語と紛れたのはあり得べきことであるが、自分の考えでは岬の方は以前かえって Edum または Endum であったのが、エンドルムを通じて鼠の語に似て来たのであろうと思う。

It is possible that the Enrum of the cape was confused with these two words, but in my opinion the cape was formerly Edum or Endum, but since it resembled the mouse word through Endrum, I think


Even though there is a land called Enrum, there is no way that only the place near Muroran, which has been opened for a long time, should be transposed to Edmo.


Even in the case of Cape Erimo, such a legend originated after the pronunciation became closer to that of the mouse, so I believe that it was originally Etomo.