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So, as a token of my thanks, I would like to take this opportunity to use iron today as an opportunity to list the tatara from each region in this margin.


Of course, this is not all I know.


However, I have to say that it is distributed so much.


What I would like to add to this point is that the ironworks was called Tatara until recently.


In the fifty-ninety-seventh volume of "Geisha Tsushi", "The furnace plant must be set aside from the mine and be seen as a land rich in charcoal.


Trees: It is said that if you cut down trees, you can select a good place and change it.


In five years and eight years, it is said that you will choose an endless area of trees.” Furthermore, the iron ore is described in detail in the article of each product in Bingo district.


Izumo's iron ore is seen as "Yuyoshi".


Chikuzen-Itoshima-gun | Yasumura-Odai | In Kawara, there is a land called Tokakura and Nishikakura in Yamagamiyama, and when you cultivate the rice fields around it, iron scraps often come out (Chikuzen continued. Fudoki collection).


In the eastern country, a caster came to Tararanuma in Tatara village, Jakushu-Ura district, set up Kamakura on the shore of the swamp for a long time ago, and the place name of the place was called gold dung. Sometimes (the previous section).


Echigo|Minami-Kabahara-gun|Rakatoge village large character|Kutani's character Samuraizawa was called Tetsurasawa and was called Tatarasawa four years ago, due to the blacksmith's living in this ancient town. It is in "Arashi Keishi" that came out.


To the west of Richikoji Temple in Kamakura, there is a place called Aiba.


In "Shin Hen Kamakura Shi", it is said that the one who casts Kaizan Yamamoto is called the place where Oyama Fudo was cast. There is.


The text of the memorial memorial for the construction of the Todai-ji Temple, which was drawn in "Matsuya Written", is "Takara, Mt. So, it has been the same since ancient times to call the set of equipment that we call Fuigo (brush).


Therefore, I wondered if the origin of this word was the so-called sound of the skin blowing into the hole, but the first thing that could be considered to be the case is * even a simple furnace that does not use porridge It's Tatara.


In "*Boshisho", "Gensan's medicine-warm tadara, etc. are said to be the first thing in the world" (Wakun Shiori), and pottery in northern Hizen | (Saga dialect dictionary).


Next, in "Shinsenjikyo", there is "*, scholarship, anti-payment, Taki, Tatai".


Mr. Tatara, who was naturalized from Nina in Yamashiro Kokujohan in the 20th edition of Shinsetsu surname, is due to the fact that he came to the Emperor Kinmei's Imperial Palace in the morning and dedicated "Katada Rihedai, etc." , In honor of this, was given the surname of Tatara.


The term "multi-profit" is written as * or a wire pole, and when it is said that it is a three-pronged item * used to wind a thread, there was something that should be called the same tatara through these metal items. It may not be.


It can be said that the legend of the surname was also just a legend, because it seems that Nina on the right had a place name of Tatara in the olden days, and that it is seen in the "Shoki" series of Emperor Twenty-three Years. ..


At any rate, the word Tatara, whose origin is unknown, has already been applied to what is called Kamakura at the time of the Shoji editing, and it is speculated that this word was imported from the peninsula.・I think that it may be a story of the development of the old sword craft along with the fact that it existed on the beach such as Nagato, Chikuzen, Sagami, Abo.


In addition, I hope that you will not be able to refer to the first volume of the previous article "Kaneko Yashiki."


Chikuzen|Ogata character Otara character Tatara


Bungo-Ono-gun Ono-mura Large character Nakahara character Tatara


Hizen Minami-Matsuura-gun Okuura-mura Large-scale Heizo-character Tatara Island


Higo Aso-gun Sannishi-mura Large character Miyayama character Ryo Tada


Higashi-Higashi-Gun County|Kosamura Oaza Kamikura Eiji


Satsuma Kagoshima-gun Taniyama Village Large letters Shimofuku original letter Tatara


Nagato|Kyowa Village, Mine-gun|Kaman Small Character Tatara


Bingo Hiba-gun|Hachibokomura Otogi Yuki Kidai Madaira Koto


Binchu|Shingo Village, Atetsu District


Hoki Seihaku-gun | Oyama Village Oita | Kanto and Mt.


Harima Shishiwa-gun Mikata-mura large character Tatara field


Shinano Kita Saku-gun Shiga Village Character Tatara


Kazusa Isumi-gun Nakagawa-mura Large-scale Ono-ji |


Shimosa Katori-gun Osuka-mura Large-scale character|Nanashiji character Tatara-do


Hitachikata-gun Ota-mura large character Yahata character Tatara