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Doraneko Observation Note


Kunio Yanagita



It seems that at a friend's house in Ruisei, an old lady, a language teacher, sent me with a weird look.


It was the time when the city's dog storage tax was raised by 30%.


In our lives, we can't afford to pay taxes like this.


Until then, he had been forced to raise him, but he said that he took her to the government office this morning because he could not help it.


 The government office was the dog murder station.


Unlike Tokyo, where there is no tax, there is no room for a single dog to exist.


If you decide not to kill, you have to see many starved dogs on the street.


By the time the word Nora dog is one more explanation, the civilization of dogs is advancing, but there were many dogs found in towns such as Geneve.


There are many cases where one person has a dog.


I often saw old people talking to dogs.


It was a society where you could see a lot of dogs looking out from a passerby without barking, looking out from the window on the fifth and third floors.


In the rainy weather, I hurry and take a walk for my dog.


If you happen to go out by yourself, it is said that it seems that you are waiting at the entrance as an egg, especially in Fubin.


When traveling or getting sick, there are things like a boarding house where you can leave your dog in check, but I try not to travel as much as I can because it's packed and unfriendly.


 If you look carefully at how cats are, there is no cat tax.


Yet the number of people kept was apparently significantly lower than that of dogs.


As already recognized in Japan, dogs are people's servants, but cats are real livestock.


It is an accessory of a house.


It is difficult to leave the cats alone and leave the house if they lock in and out.


Then there are new ways to get rid of the mice.


Generally, humans tend to make cats estranged.


The famous anecdote of Onna Sannomiya and the maiden may soon become an elusive story.


Even in our country, many owners do not keep in mind that the days of abalone shells are empty and empty, saying that they will not catch mice when they are too cute.


There is no visit of hawks and crows in the city, and it can be imagined that cats will be free and abundant in food, even if they see a crushed rat lying for a long time.


A cat can live any number of times without our patronage.


It is natural for people and cats to gradually separate*



When I was playing at a ryokan in Danieli for a long time in the water city of Venetian, when I heard that the guard was talking to an old lady somewhere, the basement of this inn is famous because there are many gong cats.


This is a strange sign, and this book has a lot of interest in the booklet that can be obtained at the hotel.


It also says that I will give you guidance if you wish.


You can imagine how damp it is in the Venetian Arakura, but even though it's a dark place, I don't know it since I was a teenager, and I don't know how many cats like wild beasts will live.


Moreover, according to the story of the waiter, he says that he keeps a certain amount of food at his mouth every day, and he is not a full-blown cat, but he is no longer a domestic animal.


When I listened to this story, I was thinking about the custom of placing a clay figurine of a cat in a Japanese customer's house, called a beckoning cat, on a seating group.


I don't know when the advertisement of dreadful Danielli started, but how many cats do not exist in the old hotel's pit warehouse?


All the food is scattered around, and if there is no one who loves and loves it, there is no choice but to enter the basement and hide and breed.


This is because there is no reason to have a cat like Gion, a maiden who tries to retreat to the forest in a grudge against her husband.


The ancient capital of Roma, which is warm in winter, was not only a natural hideaway for visitors, but also a restless space for cats without lodging.


This may have been written in someone's travelogue, but the ruins of big and small that touched the city, including Foram, are their dying territory, even on the stone pillar of the lying flame temple, In the newly dug out old mounds of the old king, there is no day to see them seeing people and jumping away at any time.