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However, it seems that he worshiped the god who protects Sakai by enthusiastically leaning on it because it is Sakai, the territory of God.


I think that in the old days, the Seki no Uta God was a stone god who was enshrined here, along with a grand god who was mostly accompanied by him.


The people who worked on it in Buddhism made it an oval of Misegawa on the road to take and go to hell.


Therefore, many of the nations in this world have enshrined statues of robbers.


On the northernmost tip of mainland Japan is Oshu|Izudo in Shozugawa Village in the outer south, and I once visited.


In the Tokaido, the Ubaido in the town of Atsuta in Owari has been famous since ancient times.


This is Mitsuko Bridge over the Shojin River of Atsuta Jingu Shrine, but this is a Mido on the side of the bridge. There were even people who said that Jingu is often said to be the main shrine of the Enma royal palace (Sho Tomoe Fujimichi no Ki), but this is the one who has forgotten the original figure of Ubagami.


The 10th Sutra was a lie of supreme deity, but based on this, those who solve hell were traveling around the country, and it was also a woman, so in a short while However, it turned into a terrifying robbery woman.


I think it used to be a much easier face.


Because otherwise we wouldn't bother to come from hell and worry so kindly for a living human child.


The grandmother of Sanzukawa is still a scary face and is still a friend of children.


A boy with a bush comes to play on the 16th day of the Bon Festival.


Not only that, but for smaller children, being worried about breast milk when asked to do so seems like a complete business mistake, but that was the old-fashioned role of the Goddess God. Is.


Mr. Baba of Senkoji Temple in Kanazawa, Ugo, says that he is a niece of Sanzugawa at the temple, but when a mother with little milk makes a request, he will surely come out in large numbers.


This statue used to be a mountain in Senkoji Temple. | A woman appeared in the dream of a lotus man, and we sculpted our own statue and the statue of Dainichi Nyorai in a cave in the Beppu forest of Onodera. ..


He told me that I should bring it early and celebrate.


When I went there and saw that there were two statues on the street, I told him that I had come.


Onodera of Ogatsu is a famous place for peony, and there is a temple that enshrines Ono Komachi, so if the wooden statues greeted from there weren't as beautiful as Komachi, they wouldn't have looked so bad. think.


(Information on Akita Prefecture.


Akita|Aramachi, Kanazawa-machi, Semboku-gun)


There were many believers in the shojo Uba of Tennoji in Oizumi village, who said he would increase the milk if a woman lacking milk prayed.


It seems that this is also an old wooden statue, so I think that only the name was changed later.


(Sangun Miscellaneous.


(Shimomizu, Oizumi, Nishitagawa-gun, Yamagata)


Enshu | I think the statue of the robber in the Daijizo-do of Mitsuke is a new one, but many people pray for the safe growth of their children, too.


It is said that the Jizo-do was always full of children's sandals because the new prayers borrowed one pair of sandals and paid them in two pairs when they thanked.


(As soon as it is found.


Shizuoka | Mitsuke-cho, Iwata-gun)


Then, in Takasaki City in Joshu, there is a sacred stone called Daishi-ishi, and a stone statue of a stone statue called the work of Kobo Daishi is located near it, and this is called Suzuka's Granite. It was


This means that a person who has a cough prayed, and if there was a sign, he also brought a malt mushroom and offered it.


(Satoshi Takasaki.


(Akasaka Town, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture)


In Echigo, there is an old Joudo temple in the temple called Chofukuji Temple in Nagaoka, which enshrines Enma-sama. However, if you pray for a coughing disease with rice roasting, you will be able to get rid of all the coughs. There are no strangers to the Ten Kings.


It's a rare story to raise rice to Enma, but perhaps it might have been with the original Uba who lived with him, like the sandals of Jizodo that he found.