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(Causal word.


(Yumoto, Nasu Village, Nasu District, Tochigi Prefecture)


In Atami, Izu, there is also a Heizaemon hot spring, and it is said that the hot spring will spring when you make fun of saying "Heiraemon is not worth it." The people of the trip enjoy it, so the children of the village get money. It is called and shown.


I suppose that is probably the momentary spring, but in the front there was Seizaemon-yu, one person | Hosai-yu in the east, and I chanted the Buddha loudly there and saw it for a while. It was said that hot water would rise up high.


Hosai can be heard as a person's name, but it is actually a dance called Nenbutsu, which was also called the Hosai Nenbutsu River.


Some people say that even if they are not Buddhist Buddha, they will spring up if they say something in a loud voice, but it may have sprung up naturally even if they are quietly watching.


(Professional essay of Hiromasu others.


Shizuoka | Atami-cho, Takata-gun)


People, even if it wasn't a hot spring, had a pond where water would come out when people chanted Nembutsu.


In Tomooka Village, in the west of Kyoto, there is a pond that, when there is no water, there is usually no water, and when you stand on the shore and pray for Nembutsu, there is a pond that springs up. I was there.


I haven't seen what happened these days.


(Record of Taleseki.


Kyoto Prefecture | Shinjin, Toshinoka, Otokuni-gun)


The Ninobutsu Pond of Mino Tanigui was famous for its early days because it is a sacred place for the Kannon in the 33 places.


There is a small bridge over the pond, which is called Nenbutsu Bridge. There is one stone tower under the bridge, and when you pray for Nembutsu from the bridge to the stone tower, bubbles like bubbles appear on the surface of the water. stand.


It is a story that if you sing quietly, you stand quietly, and if you rush to blame the Buddha, you will find many bubbles in response.


(Country talks between countries.


Gifu Prefecture | Taniku Village, Ibi District)


 There was another one in this prefecture, the Ijira Nenbutsu Pond.


I wonder if they had the same tradition.


It was said that the water was so sweet that it had a little sweetness, and people with skin diseases said that if they drew this water and applied it, it would heal immediately.


(The manuscript Mino magazine.


Gifu prefecture Yama prefecture county Kamijira village)


It seems that there is still Nenbutsu Pond behind the elementary school in the village of Kazusa Yaehara.


This is not a bubble, but when standing on the shore of a pond and chanting Nembutsu, the fact that pure sand blows out from the bottom of the water is pure water.


(Volume of the legendary book series.


(Yaehara Village, Kimitsu District, Chiba Prefecture)


The exact opposite example was near Rikuzen's Iwadeyama, by the side of Osaka called Utousaka.


It always springs up and blows sand from the bottom, but if a person approaches the side and chants the Nanashi Amida Buddha and takes a move, it will stop rising for a while.


The name of the habitual spring was called the amazing Shimizu.


(Nadeshiko Diary.


Miyagi Prefecture | Iwadeyama Town, Tamatsukuri District)


 Surprise Shimizu seems to have been live water with a human-like feeling, unlike ordinary ponds and springs.


Such a story is written in the Bungo Fudoki, a book that was written a thousand years ago.


Maybe it's near the hot springs in Beppu now, but the hot spring called Kubei Yu no Ii is always black mud and the hot water doesn't flow, but people are quietly near the hot springs Aloud, he said, and he was surprised and boiled for more than two lengths.


I think that the reason why the story of Nembutsu became so much later was that Nembutsu did so much.


Even in this country, there is a site of Asahi Choja's mansion in Sencho Muta in Tano, and there was a small pond called Nembumizu.


When people stand on the shore and chant the Nanashi Amida Buddha, it is said that the water also foams and mumbles accordingly.


(The account of the Toyosato army.


Oita|Tano, Iida-mura, Kusu-gun)


Then, on the island called Himejima, which is located off the eastern coast of this prefecture, there is a spring called "Tappusui," which pulsates according to the sound of your hand. I was there.


God of this island | Akamizu Myojin was a princess.


When I tried to scoop this water and dye my teeth, the color of the water was red rust, so it was also called the pork water.