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Not only is such a change not unusual in legends, but many companies and temples also have side samurai with wooden statues of their nieces, and as the story of the Seki's niece said. There are not many legends that the spirits of the baby and the Uba are enshrined on the shore of the pond, Inoue.


 I think that the reason why I came to worship the god of my niece as a guardian deity of children is that if the Daigo was actually the god of children, I think that I understand it well.


I think that Uba had received great credibility from humans because he carefully raised the Son of God.


There are also a few new legends about it.


Kishu|Iwade no Shou Shrine was formerly under the control of Onishi's old family, and the guards were also used there.


The story of this story was written on the lucky charm that was made on the board of the Onishi family.


On the evening of the 23rd of November, one grandma with white hair visited and said she wanted to rent an overnight accommodation.


If we are poor and have nothing to raise, we have no use for food.


He just sat down by the fire on the hearth overnight, saying he just needed to stay.


At the dawn of the evening, I had Shimizu fetched, boiled it in hot water, quietly drank it, and then went to the master of the Onishi family to go out, and I am related to this family's ancestors.


I would like to thank you for being kindly stayed at the inn again, so thank-you forever for those who claim to be Onishi's descendants, saying that they will protect her so that her pimples will be mild and she will live a long life. ..


When I saw off the traces, he said that he had just arrived at the place where the company is now and that he had disappeared, revealing the appearance of Aizen Myo.


Until the onset of smallpox, chicken pox was truly the enemy of children.


That's why he was especially afraid of the herpes god, but it seems that this old woman was actually that.


It seems that Aizen Myo was originally a god of lust, but from the name of love, in Japan, he prayed for the safety of children.


Therefore, he was a youthful figure and was never a god who could turn into an old woman.


The ancestors of this Onishi family took it all together and looked dimly.


I think it was because I knew from the beginning that there was a baby god after the Ubo god.


(Kii Zoku Fudoki.


Bizen, Iwade-cho, Naga-gun, Wakayama)


Nibu Village in Ise has been a lead-producing area for a long time, but there is one famous mineral spring there.


Recently, people with various illnesses have come to bathe, but in the old days, women in this area were just before and after childbirth to pray for the safety of their children. Was named Koyasui, and it had the legend that it was Koshimizu, a Kobo Daishi.


During the Warring States period, this land was destroyed, half of the wells were buried, and many people forgot to tell such a good story, and some households in the neighborhood used the water for ordinary drinking, but such a house However, there were many sick people, and even some of the houses had died, so I was surprised to draw a prince and ask about the myth of Myojin.


In fact, water may have lead in it, which may have harmed the drinker, but old people didn't think so.


So, on the table of the shrine, Koyasui said that for a woman before and after childbirth, she had a deep-minded well that helped and protected her child-rearing. It means that the person who draws for the sake has come to be worshiped.


(Nantou Night Story.


(Nyu Village, Taki District, Mie Prefecture)


The Koyasu no Ike pond is also near Tokyo and has a legend very similar to that of a cane stand Shimizu.


It was in the northwest of the town of Itabashi, next to a temple called Myodenji Temple in Shimo-Nikura. I was suffering.


Nichiren made a prayer for an easy delivery for that purpose, and when he supported him with a toothpick, the excellent Shimizu springed out.


He scooped up the water and gave him a mouthful, and he said that a good boy was born, and the willow tree of an old tree beside the pond was based on the toothpick of Nichiren*. , He also said that he grew up by blowing on buds.