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The fish in the water is still one eye because of that connection.


This "fate" was often said by old people, but we do not yet know exactly what it means.


(The local Guanghua issue.


(Kamimikawa Town, Kawachi District, Tochigi Prefecture)


Then, looking at many more examples of fate, in a pond called Katame Shimizu in Yanome Village near the city of Fukushima, Gongoro Kamakura | Kagemasa hurt his eyes on the battlefield and came to wash the wound.


At that time, blood spilled and sprinkled into Shimizu, so every small fish living in the pond had its left eye crushed.


It is said that the name of one eye Shimizu came from that.


(Kazunori Nobuta.


Fukushima Prefecture | Nobuo District | Minami Amarume | Yanome)


Gamagoro Kamakura is the servant of the Tachiyoshi Hachiman family.


He was a brave warrior who appeared in the army of Oshu in the sixteenth year, and while being shot by the enemy's arrowhead, he shot back at the answer's salmon before he pulled it out and struck the enemy. However, it is strange that there are so many ponds that the eye wounds were washed and that the fish in the pond had one eye everywhere.


One of them is that there is a town called Kanazawa in Ugo, where Gongoro's soul died and became one-eyed fish.


It is said that there was a fence in Kanazawa for the role of the third year in the past, so I wonder if there was a person who thinks it is likely, but Kamakura Gongoro Kagemasa was a long-term person, There was no way I could leave my soul here.




(Kanazawa Town, Semboku District, Akita Prefecture)


Next, in Yamagata Prefecture, there was one Kagesei-do at the foot of the highest temple in Yamagata, and it was said to be the toe fence of the Chokai.


There was a pond where Gongoro washed his eyes, and one-eyed fish lived there as well.


I don't know why this temple was built, but when there was a bug in the rice field near the village, it was said that if you drove the drums from this hall to chase the insects, the pests would disappear.


(The pilgrimage.


Yamagata Prefecture Higashimurayama-gun Yamadera Village)


It is also said that there is an old Hachiman shrine in the village of Hirata in the villa called Yarugawa, and Gongoro came to the river in front of him to wash his eyes.


Then there was also the legend that the fish in the river were all one-eyed.


(In-house talks, etc.


Yamagata | Kitazawa, Higashihirata-mura, Atsumi-gun


On the way to Fukushima Prefecture's one-eyed Shimizu, there were still rivers and ponds where people could wash their eyes, but surprisingly Gongoro Kagemasa came to a village in the south of Shinshu. After all, it is said that the eyes were washed.


Shinshu | In the garden of Unsai-ji Temple in Kamigo Village, a little far from Iida, Shimizu rushing from under a big cedar tree is said to be the reason why the left eye is crushed in the imoimo there.


Shimizu's name is Urami-no-ike, and I don't know what kind of enemies were, but Gongoro has been in this temple for a while.


(The legendary Shimo Ina.


(Kamigo Village, Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture)


It seems that there was something wrong with this, but there is also such a story.


Sakushu|The white-walled pond in the village called Mino is a terrible old pond that has never dried in any hot weather, and it is said that the pond has one-eyed eel.


In the olden days, a horseman attached a horse to a horse, passed through a bank of a pond, fell into the water, and died.


It is a story that the horse had become an eel and had one eye because the horse was a man of swearing.


Even now, on a rainy day, etc., he said that when he listened closely, he heard the sound of making a tea mill at the bottom of the pond.


(Tosaku magazine.


(Mino Yoshino-mura, Katsuta-gun, Okayama)


≪Echigo is called Aoyagi Pond in Aoyagi Village, and there is a famous pond in the legend.


The god of water in this pond is a large snake, and when you turn into a beautiful woman, you go shopping to the city or come to listen to the sermons of the temple in the town. Because it happened, people far away from and through it had a good reputation, so I think I could have talked about this.


A long time ago | The Lord of Yasuzuka Castle | A person named Kyota went out to the city to see the master of this beautiful pond.


Then, I was finally taken to the pond of Aoyagi and didn't return, so the fish in this pond was cloudy in one eye, because this Hetaden had one more eye. I am telling you that there is.