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(Echigokuni|Shikinai Shrine Information.


Niigata Prefecture | Nakakubiki District | Kushiike Village Aoyagi)


The big snake, the lord of the pond, lived only in the water, and it was a terrifying creature like a snake.


I'm no longer sure if there was such a thing.


Of course, the only people who draw in pictures are those who have never seen a large snake, and I draw it like a large snake without help, so many people gradually think that, but this large snake is more like water. Was at the bottom of, and was considered like the master of all fish.


One person who imagines that the one-eyed Heitaden entered the lord of the pond and became a big snake, because the fish was one of them and it was gradually swaying and trying to become one. There was.


It is said that the owner of the whale pond in the northern mountains of Shizuoka City was a blue dragon with a length of 9 shaku, or a large mottled cow with one eye, but it can be transformed into anything. You can do it.


Once upon a time, the only daughter of Sugihashi, the chief of Mizumiiro village, was tricked by the owner of a pond in Takayama to take him to the bottom of the water. Then he threw another burnt stone into the pond, and the owner of the pond hurt his eye and escaped to the whale pond.


Since then, the fact that all the fish in the whale pond have become one-eyed is an unexpected affair.


(Abe-gun magazine.


Abe-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture |


It is also said that the owner of the pond pulled in the lord's horse, so he came over to many casters and combed the iron and poured it into the pond. Either way, it just hurt one eye. I think it's unusual that it became the source of one eye for all the fish companions.


However, there are still other stories like this.


In a pond in front of a temple called Chokoji Temple in Tamagawa Village in the same Abe-gun, a large snake, the owner of the pond, took a child from the village. He said that all of the fish in the pond had been crushed, and then all the fish in the pond were in one eye.


The legend that the snake has one eye seems to remain in people.


For example, in one valley of the Mt. However, since I was afraid of the words, all the serpents in this valley became one eye.


Therefore, it is said that the name of the place is still called Obikawachi.


Even in the village of Osugidani at the foot of Mt. Hakusan in Kaga, only a small part of Akase says that even a small snake has one eye.


This is because there was originally a pool called Yasuna Fuchi in the river in front of the Iwaniya Kannon-do, and the Lord was a one-eyed snake.


A woman named Yasushi, who used to live in the village of Akase, was a woman who was difficult to swallow and was abandoned by a man.


I was afraid that when it came down to the river from time to time, the weather would be bad and there would be plenty of water.


Yasume's house was originally a priest of the temple called Honrenji in Komatsu town, so even now people are not aware of the honorary lecture of this temple, and Yasume's visit is worth hearing. It is mixed inside.


Therefore, even during the heavy snowfall in winter, it is said that water will come out around this time every year, and if there are days with heavy rain and wind, it is said that Akase Yasuna is likely to come today.


(Sanshu strange story etc.


Ishikawa|Akase, Osugiya-mura, Nomi-gun)


 I think it's because the old story tells us that she is a woman who is difficult to swallow and that her husband abandoned her.


The same story is too many and it is transmitted to people's land.


I saw a man who came to sell potatoes at a temple in the village of Uji even near Kyoto when he tried to enter the gate, one eye collapsed and a straight snake came and went straight to the height. Somehow, I was a little scared, so I dumped my load and went to my neighbor's house and had a rest, but at that time, I was told that Osho of the temple, who had been sick for a while, died.


This priest also said that he had forsaken his one-eyed nun before, and gently came here to hide, and finally found him and killed him by the spirit.