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Even if it grows fast like a bamboo shoot, it grows without knowing it.


Moreover, stone was thought to take a very long time before it became a stone gem, as you have in the national anthem.


In other words, many people who lived in one land thought that stones would grow from old times together, so many people just listened to such stories and trusted them.


Mountain spine


There is also a story that the stone tried to grow out of the way and failed.


For example, the stones of Hitachinaka, a mountain pass in Nasaka, stretched out every day to reach the heavens, but the Myojin of Shizuka hated him, and he kicked him off with his iron grind.


Then, the head of the stone shattered into two, one flew and fell into the present village of Kawatomo, and one fell into the village of Ishigami.


According to one theory, lightning came and kicked it off at the command of the God of Heaven. At Ishinasaka, the remaining stone roots were called Raijin stone.


The height is only five heights, but the surrounding area was a big rock that would have been difficult if I had rooted in the mountains and grown as it was.


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Ibaraki Prefecture | Kuji-gun Sakamotomura Ishinamezaka)


Rikuchu|Around the shrine called Hataya in Oyamadamura, there were countless short broken pillars of large stones, but these stones also grew in the ancient Jindai, and overnight. He said that he was trying to push through the heavens inside, but he was kicked by God and broke like this.


(Waga Hikanuki Gunshi.


(Oyamada Village, Waga District, Iwate Prefecture)


In Minatoaizu Morito Village, there is a large rock mountain called Morito Tateiwa.


It is said that when a mountain was about to grow in the past, a certain god came and his head was kicked.


Then, I brought this piece and put it upside down, and it is said that it is upside down, and there is still a large rock called "reverse rock" in the village underneath the rock, which is about eighty high and around forty-two. ..


(Minamiaizu-gun information magazine.


Minamiaizu-gun, Fukushima Prefecture | Tateiwamura Morito)


 Maybe some people thought that mountains were growing like trees one after another.


It was said that Mt. Fuji was also a long time ago. It was a flight from Omi Province and the trace was Lake Biwa.


At Tsugaru in Oshu, Iwagiyama is called Tsugaru Fuji.


A long time ago, when the mountain was about to grow overnight, an old lady from one house went out in the middle of the night and found it, so it stopped growing anymore.


The story was that it would have been higher if nobody was looking at it.


Fuji of Kinutani in Iwaki is a mountain of about 200 meters even though it is Fuji, but when a woman just saw it from the ground, a woman saw it and made a loud voice when the mountain became high. , I stopped getting higher.


If the woman didn't say such a thing, the people of the land said that he might have reached heaven.


(One study of local studies.


Fukushima Prefecture | Kinutani, Kusano Village, Iwaki District)


It is said that Mt. Ashikaga in Suruga was a mountain that came from a country called Morokoshi for a time to compare with Fuji.


It is a mountain that can be seen just before Mt. Fuji when passing the Tokaido by train. It is a big mountain with a long root, but there is no mountain head.


It is said that Myojin of Mt. Ashigara is a cheeky mountain and his legs were lifted and kicked, so the foot height was lowered.


The fragments of the mountain were scattered in the sea, and they were gradually gathered together and made up a small high land on the coast.


It is Floating Island, where the railway is now passing, but the previous road passed through Torigi and passed between Fuji and this foot mountain.


Then, comparing the two mountains to the right and left, an old traveler was talking about this.


(Japanese fawn.


Shizuoka | Suyama-mura, Sunto-gun)


There is a remote mountain called Hansan after Daisan in Hoki.


It is said that this is also called Hansan because it is a mountain that I purposely crossed over from Korea to compare with Daisen.