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The purpose was not necessarily to be full and enjoy eating, but the same unit of food and drink, such as sake brewed in one jar, strong rice steamed in one jar, one mortar rice cake or one jar. There was an old belief that putting melon radish in the abdomen of both sides separately created a chain of invisible power there.


When people come between the two families who have been adopted for the first time, or when they meet for the first time and are going to have a relationship with each other, they don't feel like they've been able to get along until they have a cup. But all the grounds come from this principle.


Moreover, for the spirits of the gods and ancestors, the shape is invisible, and if you do not repeat it, you will not be able to communicate with the spirit, especially in new negotiations between people. The festival was a scheduled day for that purpose, as it required the participation of the ancestors.


However, unlike the recent holiday law, the enactment of the Gosetsu offering in the Edo period was solemn.


Rather than wishing to come out when it's convenient, those who don't attend this celebration may be stamped with lazy or unreasonable ones.


So both cats and scoops have to wear kamisimo and at least give a name to the front door notebook.


In the city, this right-and-left movement was remarkable.


It is very difficult to share shared food and drink with all of these people.


Or, I think it's an ironic imagination, but there are many people who are likely to criticize that there is no "offering" while saying what a clause is, so let's write it as a clause because the clause is a single phrase. It is not unthinkable that this was the case.


The arrangement method of Gosetsu offering is a little artificial, and there is a plan to take a proper interval.


It is generally well known in rural areas that spring is the day of the chicks' festival on the 3rd of March and the day of the Dano in May in the summer, and it can be said that only these two are just sec. In addition, it is in good agreement with the private language.


The land called "Sekku" on the 9th of September is less than half of the land in the Kansai region, and the others are often called by another name, such as the 9th.


But with these three, you can get a good idea.


Now, when it comes to the other two, not all people still remember for sure.


July 7th may be true, but I needed some explanation as to why it was a celebration day.


Bon is still a congratulations day in the unhappy houses, and usually between this day and the fifteenth day, there was a banquet to celebrate the health of parents and superiors.


It seems that it was decided to be July 7th because the numbers are aligned.


The 7th day of the New Year does not meet the rule of aligning the number of days with the moon, and although it is counted as one of the year-end, there are so big events other than the porridge of the seven herbs and the demon fire in Kyushu. Absent.


I guess this is a kind of concession that tried to give freedom to the New Year's Day and the 15th, as there are generally many ceremonies of each house, and it is a manifestation of the policy that was debated to this extent. ..


Prior to enacting the day of the five festivals, the shogunate asked each clan to investigate the actual situation, but on human days and Tanabata, the customs of each region are so different that it is difficult to keep pace with the private sector. It is said that the five days were decided based on the theory after all.


It may be a lie, but at least it does.


In other words, I thought that the people would follow me if I thought about it and decided on my own.


However, it is not always as expected, and the private sector has its own annual event, which has declined and flourished, but it continues to this day.


What will happen to this earlier cannot be determined by the power of the government and the Diet alone.


There is a dislike that the enactment of the Gosetsu offering did not fully take into account the demands of real life.


Then, it seems that the reason why the folk style could not be renewed at last was that the first attempt to find a basis for the newly introduced foreign theory rather than the long-standing practice.


Of course, our event wasn't really trying to convey the ancient times.