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Therefore, it is said that when the melon is raised in Tanabata, it becomes the Milky Way and flows.



It seems that some of the above three Amakusa Island melon stories are already fragments and misrepresentations, but both are independent of the story of Kikaijima's Tenjo Seishu and Shinshu Onomura's melon story. It can only be inferred that it did not occur.


The reason why it was so separated and stored separately is still a difficult question to explain, but it is generally a lot of old tales and a lot of changes, even after dawn or after dark. It seems that there used to be a time in Japan that was mentioned or remembered by people.


I'm wondering if there is something to do with that, and only a small part of it has disappeared, so it shows an unusual distribution as it is now.


Although it seems that the so-called celestial wife's old tales were originally mysterious and important tales, the collapse and the end of the story began to be a serious and laughable story from early on. It was.


As I have noted in "Taketori Oshima" before, there was a story similar to the story of Amakusa in the outermost part of Amami Oshima and the area with less traffic.


Once upon a time, one old man had a dog called Kuro.


One night I listened to the voice of music by the pond in the mountains, and when I went back, the celestial maiden was bathing in water.


This is also the second time to return to heaven, like the others, until the celestial maiden was married to the celestial maiden, and after having three children and later the lullaby revealed the existence of the celestial maiden. The child was put on his head, and the youngest child tried to pull out, but he said he left only this child because it was heavy.


Knowing this, my father's old man couldn't stand the feelings of love, so he hurriedly made a thousand pairs of sandals and tried to step on them to ascend to heaven. And only one pair is missing.


Then the black dog went forward and I was going to take the place of the sandals, so the old man rode the 999 pairs of sandals and a dog and went up to heaven.


Then, the old man became the first dawn star, and the second dawn star became the black of his dog, and this is still the Orijo Kyushu's annual Aise. It is not tied.


In the current incomplete collecting state, any imaginary theory can still be established, but it will soon be decided whether it is right or wrong.


I wonder if the story of rising to heaven and becoming a star was born first, and then extended toward Tanabata, but is this prediction correct?



For that, it is necessary to consider the order in which the fantasy of melon has grown a little more.


The "Tenjin Nyobo" in the Shimabara Peninsula folk tale collection is already a drastic joke, but it is not accompanied by the origin of Tanabata.


Once upon a time, a man named Gengoro hides a celestial kimono by a pond in the mountains and turns it into a wife as usual.


I had a child, so I thought it was okay, and when I inadvertently told him I was there, I wore it and went home.


At the time of the farewell, the heavenly people say that if you meet me, bury the candy beef Senbiki in the soil, sow beech (pumpkin) seeds on it, and climb up along the vines. ..


So, I met all of them and bought yellow cows, and I got up to 999, but I couldn't find the other one.


If you dig a hole in the garden and bury the cow and sow the pumpkin on top, it will grow steadily and you will not be able to see the treetops anymore.


When I climbed it up to Tenjiku, the edge of the vine was finally caught in the fence behind a house, and although it was about to come off, the woman who occasionally went out to fetch water was not in front of my wife. He held his hand and pulled it up.


Since there is no other job in Tianzhu, I will be asked to help with the rain.


It was useful to soak the water in the tub in the bush and spread the rain fairly throughout Japan.


One day I came to the top of my village and thought that I would be in trouble because of the rain, so I took the plunge and sprinkled a tub of water, but the weight of the water broke the clouds, and Gengoro broke through the hole. drop down.